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  1. I think you''ll find that my season ticket is CONSIDERABLY better than youz!
  2. Season ticket = upfront financial support of the club = REAL fan Super dividend card = a riseable financial contribution and no further commitment = fairweather fan Should we wake you up when we''re back in the Premier League? Nurse, nurse! He''s dropped off again.
  3. Fist Wizard - I''m only interested in the views of REAL fans ie season ticket holders not some senile old gimmer who thinks his Co-op dividend card will gain him admitance to football games. Perhaps you try taking something to keep you awake if you keep dropping off. Viagra perhaps? Love and kisses Monty
  4. Iwan Roberts talking about a City player "He may not be the greatest on the ball but he has a lot of energy, closes people down and will run through a brick wall ..." Who does that sound like? Andy Hughes? Actually it''s......Andrew Crofts. Be afraid, be verty afraid!
  5. Denis van Wyk - helped us to our only bit of notable silverware AND used to drink in the Murderers. Top bloke.
  6. Ulf Ottersen - that goal at Bramhall Lane still rates as one of the wonder strikes of the century.
  7. I was shocked when I saw your user name. I don''t know what made me feel more nauseous, the fact you could be a sister-bothering Suffolker or a flat-capped, whippet-fondling northerner. Ughhhhhh! Naaaarrrrrridge - a local club for local people!
  8. I see you''re not from Naaarrrrridge Ryan? Have you tried supporting your local team? What about Yarmouth or Gorleston?
  9. Lambert - I think Swindon will stuff us in the first game of the season with McNally poaching Danny Wilson for the vacant position within days.
  10. Why would you ever move away from Norwich? If it''s just for a job you''re obviously not a real fan. Real fans live, and will always live, in Norwich. NCFC  - a local team for local people
  11. You''re getting my point, young Ryan. Carrow Road SHOULD be season ticket hoolders only. If you live a long way away, you''re not a Norwich fan, simple as. Support your local team, who ever that might be. If you can''t afford a season ticket, make sacrifices until you can. Norwich City - a local club for local people. No fairweather parasites required
  12. I think season ticket holders should have first refusal to buy all remaining tickets. Then, and only then, would Super Members (ie fair weather Jonny-come-lately "fans") be allowed to apply for tickets. I''d happily buy another ticket for a seat to put my coat on than let these parasites who probably support Man Utd every other week of the year into Carrow Road.
  13. Don''t forget, this is the SECOND time he has done this. He ended up at Stoke because he delayed signing a new contract hoping that better offers would role in. When they didn''t he said he had decided to accept only to be told he was surplus to requirements. A double Judas with a fackless agent!
  14. Perhaps it has been sent to the wrong address and is now for sale on E-bay? Just a thought.
  15. I think we should do away with the yellow and green and play in a completely gold kit from now onwards forever more. The players should enter field of play awearing togas, their heads adorned with laurel leaves in the fashion of living gods. All hail the champions of Division Three (South)!
  16. I could be wrong but I think they get back on Sunday. Could someone confirm this?
  17. With hindsight I''d like to change my selection to Katkin and Pussy Willow.
  18. All three of them only got picked because their old man was in charge/the family name. Jordi Cruyff is the best example - he was useless! Although not as bad as Kevin Bond or Kenny Brown.
  19. Bunch of no-marks although Rednob Jr does make a fine holiday advert. I''ll give you that.
  20. After some thought I''d have to plump for Ross Jack as the handsomest ever Canary
  21. He''ll never make the grade, they never do. It''s the old "manager''s son" curse. There has never been a decent player whose old man was a manager!
  22. When we won the Championship, we fielded the same team week in, week out. Our success was due in no small part that we had a pretty much fixed first XI. And we could carry the odd flair player/passenger like Huckerby.
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