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  1. Andy Bond was being tracked by LEICESTER and PRESTON, so our capture of his signature is a real coup! Brian Wilson has plenty of experience at Championship level. Better signings by a better manager.
  2. LMAO - Guess work?! You WISH. No wonder Lambchops wants to get all the transfers done and dusted before July - when you get placed under a transfer embargo for not submitting your accounts!
  3. You''re over 35 million in debt, have a manager who''s never managed at the level you''re playing at, and are filling your team with League One and Two players - sounds like a recipe for success - NOT!
  4. The entirety of Norfolk isn''t worth £10, it should be surrendered post haste to the sea.
  5. They wouldn''t DARE after the RINSING we gave Bowkett and McNally at the FDC.
  6. Up yours cityislife, you frightfully ghastly foul mouthed chav. xXx
  7. I type 100% FACTUAL CERTAINTIES... How many promotions has Paul Lambert masterminded? ONE 1 He couldn''t even get Wycombe out of League Two! Ward on the other hand got Cheltenham and York out of the bottom tier, Bristol City automatically promoted to the Championship, and Wolves to the Premiership. Now run along and wait for your inevitable relegation with your novice manager.
  8. John Ward is a better manager than Paul Lambert - FACT! One flukey season with another mans team does not make a manager! He''ll be found out big time as will your pathetic team.. ENJOY the relegation budgerigars!
  9. [quote user="morty"]Wow, could that seriously be any lamer? [/quote] Yeah, it could be written by an inbred from Norfolk like you.
  10. LOL Nice one budgies, Lambert will be off faster than a ferret up a drain pipe as soon as a Premiership side come knocking. You''ll NEVER be in the Premiership again! Enjoy your relegation back to League One. We have a BIG SCREEN, you have room for 27,000 feral Norfolk chavs big deal. Regards, Colu_mike xXx
  11. I can assure you he wasn''t on any of our top 10 targets for the job, but he is our man!
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