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  1. Good news, Im glad John has understood that its time for change. Best of luck to all in the future.
  2. Strange article given that Norwich dropped a league and still spent a huge amount on agent fees. I wonder if the article would have been headlined this way if Lambert had not blasted Archant earlier this week. For the record we dropped a league but still spent almost the same as the previous year and certainly a fortune for the league we were in. Ultimately it worked this year, but the tone of the article is certainly flowered up for the benefit of the club.
  3. Jesus Christ we have THREE Brian (note spelling) Badondes now. This thread had nowt to do with me!
  4. Dear virgin, please leave your tiresome childish messages elsewhere. WACCOE for example.RegardsBrian
  5. I would agree with that Banana that Gill is a better player than Macca. I would rather see Surman, Hoolahoop or Lappin in ahead of Macca. I just dont think you can risk a player who only turns up once every four matches. Gill isnt at all spectacular but he always does a steady job, that said I think he will go in the next couple of weeks. Macca will probably stay as he is a Lambert signing.
  6. After seeing three Norwich fans innocently attacked I am amased by that!
  7. I may change it, I will get a picture up soon though. Im trying to get to the AGM just because I would like to gauge the usefulness of the association currently and would like to quiz McNasty on these issues. I will hopefully speak to you about these issues if i can make it.
  8. Perhaps the NCISA should bring this up with the club.    *ducks head*
  9. Julie has had a very rough pregnancy and is still suffering somewhat but wanted to get back to work. She was unable to go in for the first six months but didnt want her pregnancy broadcast until she got to the stage she is at now. She is a very nice lady, Im glad she is now confident enough to let everyone know and I hope it all goes well for her and Chris.
  10. Ive just come back to this after a few days away and apols to original Brian Badonde - didnt realise there had been one on here but love the show and chose that name (as I have on other websites too). For the record I live in Bury St Eds. Anyway, just wanted to give my view which Ive done and will not be repeating them on this thread though obviously  should do more name reseach next time though I just assumed if the name was accepted then it was free for use. Anyway apols to the original Brian - Bur, Bur!Regards
  11. Sorry chaps, new user but didnt say that the user name was in use when I registered though! B-B-B-Bah!
  12. A good post thanks and yes I agree that the meetings have been good at St Andrews Hall and I have attended. I have met Mr Tilson also many times. Perhaps the most disturbing thing for me was when I walked beside him and Kathy with my friends after a game a good couple of years ago towards Riverside car park when he talked so loud to her slagging off an NCISA boardmember about function organising none of us could believe what we were hearing and Im not going to go over that conversation here but lets just say there are three others who heard this rant about a fellow NCISA committee member who would never contemplate joining after that. This simply reinforced the opinion I have based on my conversations wth him over the years.Anyway Im not going to use this forum again and end up ranting with NCISA because that is not what I came here for so I will let you get on with things. I simply wanted to mention the derby kick off time issue and I guess if NCISA dont take it up then others will have to. I hope that NCISA will at least properly guage opinion - how about a vote on your new website? Im sure that would get people visiting and a lot more response than sending emails to the maverick cop!Many thanks
  13. I think I would be prepared to join NCISA (and I have been a member previously) if I could see them actively looking after fans interests but I have some misgivings at this time.1. I believe they are too cosy towards the club and not as indepent as it should be. Whether that is right or wrong its my opinion.2. No real updates or adequate website, I will note progress of the new site.3. I just dont get the chairman Im afraid. I believe Roy Blower was pretty good at his job and fairly well liked by the fans and club and even if he was not liked he was respected - a crucial point. Unfortunately I do not believe Mr Tilson is at all respected by a majority as a good ambassador for fans. As a regular reader of this website I find the confrontational style of his postings appalling (case in point the Surman thread where he has a go at the original poster and then just because he hasnt heard of him slags off everyone else for their views) I do not believe that a leader of a supposed democratic organisation should be so self opinionated, self rightious and fail to listen to other peoples views. I understands he gets voted in but that is by existing members who obviously like him, I believe more people would join if someone else was in charge. I know I will get the old ''you could vote him out at AGM'' line but its far, far, far from something I spend any real time worrying about, it is however an opinion from a former member who has listened to the opinions of many casual fans over the past few years! I realise this post may offend others more involved though and Im only trying to give what I believe is a general fans point so apologies if anyone gets offended by it.Regarding an earlier point, I live a long way from Norwich, I am already involved in charity work and committees. I have no time to be an active member of NCISA. I do however note that they are described as a fans voice and as such I certainly feel able to comment on it. As for joining NCISA again - I would love to, but I would want to see the above three issues addressed first.Regards
  14. Hello all. First post on here but I regularly read it.Would just like to say for reference to opinion to Mr Tilson to look at Wrath of the Barclay at approx 5pm yesterday and indeed earlier in the day when a conversation took place about the usefulness of the NCISA (I know its not everyone cup of tea but it is a universal view on early derby kick off times). Im not having a go here at all but I really dont think you need backup to support chats with your PC friend as it is almost universal opinion that its a joke kick off time - further you should surely be a proactive organisation and this opinion has been debated for years without for some reason your organisation ever wishing to get involved. As for Sky, I have a school friend working for Sky Sports who informed me that they are almost certain to have moved our game to 7.45pm Friday if kick off had have been allowed later but the police will not help with later kick offs. They only ever do stupid o''clock kick offs if they can get away with it with little backlash and the police provide the perfect excuse.If virtually every other major derby can be played on evenings or at least 3pm then its ridiculous that us and Ipswich are considered a bigger threat than any of these more volatile clubs - only Millwall are governed by more rival club conditions than us. This situation has to change - derby games should be about passion and we have seen little of this from fans or players since these ludicrous kick off times. Not having a go at all here and it really is no problem if you do not wish to get involved with this but it is perhaps and interesting guage for many supporters as to the usefulness and effectiveness of the organisation in 2010 and beyond.Anyway, thanks for reading.
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