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  1. You''d have thought that the support witnessed over the past 2 years despite the total dross on offer WAS supporting the team and it''s had no impact, indeed it''s only in the past 4 months that people have started asking serious questions. Sooner or later people will realise that the GENUINE reason behind the lack of achievement, and terrible results isn''t the fans, but maybe, just maybe the Management.
  2. Sorry but no. Having seen the previous 2 years, looking at the current squad, looking at the current management it makes no sense at all to say "well, yes those were 2 feeble years, oh well.... all is forgiven, lets start again". The point is, I want Nigel and the whole of his Management team out of my club, they are not the long term future, they do more damage than good, so why on earth would I want to get behind them. I do not support their tactics, their approach, their public announcements, I question their signings, everything about them is wrong. I have formed this opinion over 5 years, 10 games is not going to change it, even if Nige wins 8 of the 10 (very very very unlikely). For me the start of next season will simply be a continuance of the end of this, and the atmospheres at Carrow Rd will continue to be poisonous until the sole contributing factor - the Management is changed. I''m not saying boo players, but there is no way I''m giving Nigel maximum support next season. He''s had maximum support for 5 years, and throughout the last 2, and where has it got us?  It''s time to be a little bit tougher about the rubbish we accept. Nigel and his Management do NOT have my support, and I doubt they ever will again.    
  3. Sticking your head in the sand changes things though doesn''t it.... If the fans can''t complain and raise serious doubt about what''s going on after this season when will they be allowed to??? It''s been disastrous and it''s down to one thing: The Management, injuries have been light (relatively remember squad size is down to Nige who was happy with it in August), transfers diabolical, tactics woeful...  This season has been throughly unacceptable, and there is NO evidence that next year would change, so get rid of the broken cogs.... You read Waghorn''s analysis of player of the year and have to laugh... a centre-half (Of a team with negative goal difference), a permanent crock who has played 25% of games, and a fans favourite who has been so under-par it''s not true.... that doesn''t smack of a decent side does it? strikes you of a team that is struggling beyond all doubt.    
  4. Brilliant. Compare and contrast - Manager doing the usual (though suprisingly wrong track) banal analysis Vs International standard, Premier League forward (on loan - so no hidden agenda, ,probably wondering why the hell he came).
  5. Absolutely no chance. There is no evidence even at this stage in the season that the Management team and squad have what it takes to deliver a challenge. The Management is bereft of ideas (lump the ball up to a midget....) and totally incapable of developing a team that can get results away from home (A feature of Nige''s 5 years in charge - even in the prmotion season it was built on home form with a few lucky aways thrown in, only in the last 1/4 season when we were up were any decent away results gained). There is nothing. NOTHING. on display now that suggests that next year you''ll see anything different to the turgid, dire, rubbish you see now. There is only a chance if 1 thing happens. The Management team leave. Then maybe there''s a glimmer.  
  6. Valid point. But if we look at Scott Parker''s loan, it''s a different situation to now. Scott Parker joined a middle to lower table side, to get games. Which he did, and did well, but the Norwich team he joined was basically aimed at staying in the division, not challenging to get out of it - which is where we should be now.  Similarly with the Beckham loan to Preston... no disrespect but a team, at that time, at the wrong end of the division. Ashley Cole? ok he''s now an England international, but joined a Palace team that was struggling to survive and was full of kids, their goal was to survive and stay in existance, not get promoted. If that Ashley Cole had joined a top of the table side, he''d have been skinned week in week out.  That''s why I think it''s good for the kids to be loaned as it helps their development, but they''ll never be the difference between going up and not. For that you need quality pros, Jason Koumas for example - look at the difference in cardiff after they got him and Cooper and we need to be getting people that help us get back out of this league
  7. No No No NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Enough with the "talented young premiership player" loans. Will we ever learn the lesson??!!! These kids are not up to the task, they are skilled without a doubt, but they don''t last more than 6 games, they can''t keep their form going, they get injured, they are simply not geared up for a championship season. David Bentley wasn''t able to complete a season in the division he came from - he wasn''t fit enough to play 25 games a season in the premiership, or able to keep form up. Dean Marney, likewise, nowhere near able to play even 30 championship games, gets injured, game over. The same will be true of Wright-Phillips. Not experienced or fit enough to survive in this division, and will be a total and utter waste of time. The types of players we need to loan in this division are the Kevin Harpers and the Coopers of this world, decent pros that can add something. Not promising, never played a game youngsters, that might deliver a cross every 6th game.      
  8. Middlesborough accept transfer request from Mark Schwarzer..... Hmmmmm... who could the replacement be? Someone McClaren has worked with at England level maybe??!!! The two seemed very friendly both times we played them last season. Ooooooo-er..... the rest of the season with Ward in goal??!!!! God help us.   
  9. I don''t think it does to be too pessimistic after just one game but there were some worrying themes to emerge: 1) Lack of sqaud depth. We have 2 injuries in the midfield and we''re having to resort to playing a centre half in the centre. That''s not good at all. Suggests the squad is very very thin in places 2) Nige''s selection of Doherty. Was it Shackell''s mumps keeping him out? or was it Nige making another "interesting" squad selection? I don''t know, but the defence looked poor, and that''s an ominous sign. 3) Again, the total inability to alter the team either tactically or with a substitution, given that we were largely under the kosh during the 2nd half until Coventry scored. Then bringing people on for 5 minutes. There were positive things too - I appear to be in a minority as I quite liked Hughes (He was covering so many holes, because he was playing with Charlton, he really was given a herculean task), Marney can cross a ball and is combative, and erm... I had a kit kat at half time which was nice. But overall Saturday exposed quite a few weaknesses that need dealing with. I also don''t buy comparisons to the championship season, yes in our first game there we gifted away a 2 goal lead and drew at Bradford, but a quarter of the way through that season, we improved the team beyond measure via the loans and signing of Huckerby. That''s not going to happen this year. And as for 4-0''s at Millwall, we really shouldn''t be in a position where we''re looking to emulate that season and squeak into the playoffs by one goal.
  10. It''s a valid point, and I wasn''t particularly advocating buying "flashy" midfielders (I''ll admit that I was a bit anti-Hughes when he signed, but based on Saturday, I actually think that that''s a very good purchase). What I meant was, within Nige''s own squad if it came down to a choice between players, the good ol'' pro will win every time, over the more skilled player.  The sort of thing I meant was, over the past season or so: Edworthy instead of Helveg Holt instead of Safri Doc instead of Shackell That type of thing. I don''t buy that Nige has "favourites" per se, just that he favours a player that trains themself to death and will run all day, rather than the more gifted, ball playing, footballer. Maybe it''s because that''s the type of player Nige was himself.... 
  11. Honest and canny when dealing with the board, capable but unduely negative at times, more reactive than proactive regarding substitutions. Places too much value on training hard and being an honest pro, rather than ability. Most successful manager in the last decade. Scope for manoeuvre limited by board at times. Genuine bloke.
  12. How anyone can be happy with a squad so small and thin, that because of 2 injuries we have to play a centre-half in central midfield is beyond me.... There is some cover, and the players brought in look OK, but we have a squad of 23, 4 of which are keepers. So 4 outfield injuries and we can''t even name a full team with 5 subs...  Additionally everytime you read about a player''s versatility, for verstaile read "played out of position"... players have a preferred and best position, if they''re not in that position, they are less effective. I''m trying to stay positive but the fact that we''re starting a season with a squad already so stretched that Simon Charlton, hoest pro that he is, plays central midfield worries me.
  13. I too was slightly disappointed reading about this so called wake-up call. A wake up call for whom exactly??? The fans are painfully aware of the task ahead, we don''t need a wake up call, we know how difficult it will be. Which is why Saturday was pretty dire, because it was a team we should''ve beaten at home but didn''t. Given that the majority of our squad are experienced Championship footballers, they shouldn''t need waking up either, especially following the friendly at Colchester. They should know all about this division and what it takes. The person most in need of a wake up is our Nige. When will he wake up to the fact that you have to play your best players, not those who have lost weight in pre-season, or honest pros that have trained hard. It''s precisely the same error as last season. I don''t know how unfit Jarrett was, (but if he could only manage 4 minutes, he shouldn''t have been on the bench), and so can forgive the selection of Simon Charlton in midfield on this occasion, and he did his best, it''s not his fault that central midfield is not his position and he isn''t quick enough to play there.  The selection of Doherty, however, is another matter. The central defensive pairing are a shambles, our left back gets targetted by every team we play (strange given that he''s "the best left back outside the premier league"... I''m beginning to doubt whether he''s even the best left back in our squad). Will Nige sort it out??? don''t know but if we start with Charlton and Doherty on tuesday, then Nige has not taken his wake up call, and is snoozing while the points drift by.
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