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  1. He used to write a column for a Workers'' Revolutionary Party publication (according to Wikipedia), so he''s likely to be less mercenary than Lambert.
  2. The more I think about Hughton the more I think he''s the perfect choice. One nagging worry though, he worked very well with Joey Barton at Newcastle, would he want to bring him here?
  3. Fantastic OP. Needed that! Huckerby understood what this club was all about straight away. So did Iwan and Dion. Others may come and go, and even bring us a bit of success on the way, but we can see through naked ambition and reserve our fondest appreciation for those who will always put NCFC first.  
  4. I think it will be interesting to see if he really rates Holt. To inherit him is one thing, to pay a large portion of a limited budget for him is entirely different.
  5. I''m happy to let Mcnally decide. None of us would have gone for Lambert 3 years ago.
  6. Even after the defeat, City fans applauded Mackay off the pitch. He said: “That''s the type of people they are. They''re fantastic for the people they think are their own. I have a great affinity with the people of this football club and this county. I lived here for nigh on 6½ years, my son was born in the Norfolk and Norwich and we had some good times and were promoted, so it''s always a club that''s close to my heart." I think City fans showed their class tonight by applauding Malky. If the OP had his way, would we all ignore the fantastic service that a club legend gave us just because he has a new job (after we rejected him)?
  7. The day after we signed Surman I went on a tour of the ground led by Bill Punton. He seemed confident in his knowledge when he said we paid £1.5 million for him.
  8. As City fans we are so used to seeing optimism being dashed before our eyes, but I too am more than happy to feel good about the way things are going at the moment.
  9. [quote user="ThorpeCanary"][quote user="GiveItToVarco"]Forster to keep a clean sheet for Norwich City.[/quote] of course, I did mean for us! [;)][/quote] I knew what you meant, I just like looking at your posts for some reason! [;)]
  10. Never a good indicator, but he does develop into a very good player on Football Manager for the PC!
  11. A GB 400m relay team of John Regis, Roger Black, Kriss Akabusi and Derek Redmond (genuine characters with real personalities) beating the invincible Americans in the World Championship final.
  12. I paid by filling in the form and handing it in to the box office, and they still contrived to lose my cheque!
  13. Mick McCarthy. Had to watch Argentina v Greece with the mute button on, and then Radio 5 was 10 seconds ahead of the on-screen action.
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