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  1. Nelson is a thug, wickham is 6 foot 3, but he''s best when the balls at his feet so good luck with knocking him out! Nelson will have his hands full with walters let alone wickham, is you couldnt handle stead last time good luck with wickham!
  2. [quote user="cosmos67"]Boring,Boring Binner! I must admit he does make me laugh but then most clowns do! esp 1 with 6 fingers[/quote] That''s funny considering most of the other clubs in the league seem to think Norfolk is inbred country LMFAO
  3. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] "A comfortable lower-mid table finish" !?!?!, I''m sure that was really the expectation for Roy Keane as he was handed the LARGEST transfer budget in the championship last season? "If it wasn''t for the 14 match winless run", yeah we''ll just ignore that blip shall we? "a young team who have started to gell" - you''ve sold 8 and brought in 2 , lets examine them , ex-Sunderland player ,check -Fulop, Irishman ,check- Kenndy.  Admit it if a player doesn''t fit either of those two criteria Keane clearly can''t fool anyone into signing for you. Marcus Evans'' money has gone, the Keane illusion is shattered, your''e a club in decline !! [/quote]   Marcus Evens'' money has very evidently not gone! the chopra deal isnt being hindered by the fee but the fact we have so many of magiltons high wage earners, why was garvan aloud to leave for 200K when 2 years ago we wanted 2M for him? The books needed balancing and the club needed to be more financial viable on a weekly basis before any big money moves are made. and how many of the 8 who have left were first team regulars? I think you will find Ed Upson and Liam Trotter didn''t play too many games last year! The 14 game winless start was a freak, our 2nd half of the season was the 5th best in the league which not only proves the start was a freak but the league position was not a fair reflection of the team perfomances. And to the guy who said nelson''s gunna smash wickham, I''v seen lorries turn quicker than nelson! hows his back passing going btw, looked good last i saw it LMFAO The dream is very still alive and the club is anything but indecline! just wait till next may and we''ll see whos higher in the league boys!
  4. Half of what you said was sense, then you lost it mate! taking sunderland from the relegation zone to the prem and then keeping them their ''on paper'' is a fantastic acheivement, but because of one poor season he''s now one of the worst, unlike narwich ITFC gives it''s managers time as its the only way you can the best out of a team, 5 managers in 5 seasons and you''ve been relegated and them promoted. I wonder why there you were inconsitant. I dont have to go back to history do i and use the fact we only had 13 managers in our 132 history compared to your +40 managers!
  5. [quote user="NCFC-47"]Andrew surman hardly league one he is more top championship quality unlike sunderland rejects [/quote] Wow a 1.2M prem flop like surman is championship top quality, what ever is jon walters then, he''s gotta be in the running the PFA player of the year! hahaha
  6. Im sorry mate cant you read the scoreline on the bottom of my pic, i think it says - IPSWICH TOWN - 5                                                                                                                             NORWICH CITY - 0    
  7. My steve and i live in colchester! i dont know meny narwich fans so i doubt u know me!
  8. If these were Marcus Evans real intentions then; 1. surely he would of been out by now due to amount the club had already spent. 2.THE DEBT IS HIS NOT THE FOORBALL CLUB''S! MARCUS EVANS OWES WHOEVER 38M NOT IPSWICH TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB! 3. When he brought the club and AGREED TO TAKE THE DEBT, he and the club agreed that he could not sell untill the club was making a profit, thus eliminating the chances of the club being left with nothing. I SUPPOSE IT''S HARD WHEN YOUR RIVALS ARE SPENDING £4M ON ONE PLAYER, WHICH IS ABOUT TWICE THE BUDGET FOR YOUR WHOLE SQUAD! HAHAHAHAHAHA Also while im here, havant you noticed the FACT that town fans have kept the faith with Keane, we arnt a club who just sack and hope for the best, it works in the short term but has no long term effect e.g. Narwich, QPR. some of the countries greatest managers all were given time, like... i dunno.... a certain SIR ALF RAMSEY and errr... SIR BOBBY ROBSON
  9. Buckethead: Why dont you worry about your club because you clearly have no idea how ours works! what you say is pure fiction and made up just to make you THINK that we are in trouble! He''s one of the most intelligent businessmen going, so why would he allow the club to keep on spending? e.g offering 4M for chopra. If finances were so tight and if evens was so concerned on spending more why would he allow the club to keep on spending. Also we wernt the club who had reports in national newspapers saying we were going into administartion, saying you had to sell your stadium!
  10. Really m8! well personnally i''ll take the one whose taking on all of the clubs debt and piling in 10s of millions in order to get the club where it belongs!
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