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  1. It is worrying that younger fans get priced out, more than anything. You want to get fans at a young age and keep them hooked, and we''ve previously been very good at this (I remember the glorious £17 season ticket in the family end years ago). £20 a game is high - not just for us but for a lot of clubs.
  2. Holiday, and lack of momentum. Give us a few home wins on the trot and people will come in.
  3. [quote user="First Jedi"]"but it''s pretty clear that Archant can''t allow links to foreign broadcasts that have not been sanctioned - it''s a copyrite issue" Archant would break no copyright law, or any other law for that matter in having a link to an allegedly illegal site. "Would you post torrents to films or tv shows" Many forms of media are legally distributed via torrents and therefore the practice shouldn''t be inherently be wrong.[/quote]It''s not the practice I''m talking about, and you know that. It''s the content. So I''ll rephrase.Would you post torrents to films protected by copyrite?
  4. I genuinely don''t understand why it''s such a struggle to not post links to material that is quite clearly and understandably prohibited. Yes, we all want to watch it, and many of you will if you aren''t at the game, but it''s pretty clear that Archant can''t allow links to foreign broadcasts that have not been sanctioned - it''s a copyrite issue, and they can''t be seen to allow copyrite to be broken. Is it that hard to be mature enough to refrain from posting it? Would you post torrents to films or tv shows? Jeez.
  5. [quote user="morty"]The club isn''t stupid. They wouldn''t have these prices if people weren''t prepared to pay them.[/quote]Indeed. We have mascots every game and someone starting OTBC every game. People pay.
  6. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="thirdlion"]Because it''s illegal, and you know that.[/quote]Is it? Haven''t seen Google or anyone else done yet. [/quote]Don''t be a facetious arse. ISP''s and search engines are not counted as liable given they have no active involvement in promoting or distributing the material.A privately owned message board that allows such material, however, certainly could be, and whoever removes links is doing so to make sure they are on the right side of the law.
  7. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="ref89"]Stephen Fry is known globally.  He is one of the most respected comedians in the UK etc etc, Delia is a legend in the media.  Between them we have one of the best known boards in the country, which is no bad thing when mixed with the obvious accumen of McNally and Bowkett.Stop being such a prat.  Fry is Norfolk born and bred and will help to raise the profile of the club.  [/quote]Stop being gullible and brainwashed.[/quote]Stop being obtuse and deliberately bitter. Stephen Fry is globally known and, in this country, as famous as they come. Delia may not be your cup of tea but she is also a big name. She may be no A lister but Fry most certainly is.
  8. Calm down. Get some fresh air. Enjoy the coastal breeze. There are more important things to get so riled about.
  9. I wouldn''t call him minted. He''ll have some cash but I wouldn''t think he''s any richer than Delia.
  10. People have rose tinted glasses for Martin, because he''s not as error prone as Otsemobor, but they don''t have rose tinted glasses on for Spillane?
  11. Ah, English fans. A player with a wealth of technical ability, but without the blustering about, and he''s a luxury. Fickle.
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