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  1. I''m not bitter what-so-ever. You outplayed us on and off the ball with superior organisation and some very good football at times, but I just feel you are all getting quite excited for what could be another year with us.Just remember it was us singing ''We''ll never play you again'' not long ago, football is a funny game.
  2. It is still Cardiff''s to lose, and with Reading coming up expertly I wouldn''t be so confident of automatics.Btw, your relegation to League 1 hasn''t been the inspiration for your success. It is pretty obvious you have got a group of fairly average players who are being masterminded and turned into a top team by one pivotal figure. Don''t count your chickens before they''ve hatched dear boys.
  3. not out of all realms of possibility though eh? Anyhow, building for next year. Looking bright with Jewell at the helm, wonderkids Wickham and Carson, more investment into a manager with at least some knowledge of how to handle the market.Chances of holding onto Lambert if you don''t go up?
  4. City1st still rambling on about all of our activities is he?Playoffs here we come heheheheh
  5. Hope you all have fun either trying your best to keep quiet or sitting there dejected.If Holt flops to floor and wins you lot anything, I hope you''d feel as ashamed as I would; a big bloke like him falling over like he does is simply embarassing (see Delaney''s challenge at Carrow Road). Hopefully it will be a good spectacle though.I also hope I''ll be able to catch some of your game tonight.
  6. when I do post, I got told I have no life for posting on here. Now you are confessing you''re love of our attention.I was a bit dissapointed to see Austin slip through the net, I don''t blame Clegg though. Good luck to Austin, I reckon he''ll do well. I am excited about Bullard though. His spark and creativity is just what we need alongside Leadbitter/Norris/Hyam/Healy in the middle. You can call him a crock as much as you like but you know as well as I do if he can stay fit he would be an asset to any team in the Championship.Look at the difference of quality of enquiries between Jewell and Keane already.. Chimbonda, Austin, Bullard, St Ledger etc..prepared for a push up the table after a very entertaining night out at the Emirates.
  7. i''ll try to get into contact with Factual for you, seeing as it is after the Arsenal game ;)
  8. and what have I done to deserve that? Did you not take your meds today??
  9. thankyou, as did mine. The score became an irrelevance after 5 and you just have to admire Chelsea''s ability and enjoy yourself. Arsenal will be slightly more serious although no one is expecting any kind of a decent result (obviously). Whatever the score, it will be nice to see the ground full again.
  10. Chelsea was a brilliant day out, the Chelsea support should ashamed.Can''t wait for Arsenal!!!
  11. 1) When have I ever claimed that my life is ''amasing''. If I was on here alot of the time I could accept your argument of ''the mass of possibilities'', but considering the fact I have been on this site probably 10 times since June, it''s a bit of a null argument. In fairness, although it is kind of baiting, it is also the possibilty of actually talking football rather than finances and so on, which is what we are all registered on our respective boards for is it now. There is some Nodge blokes who consistently post on TWTD, more posts than me I believe.2) Surely when accused wrongfully the thing you naturally do is defend yourself? Again, I''m not claiming I pull 5 birds every night, play semi-pro football and have a degree am I? Tbh, whenever I have posted on here City1st has been here to argue with me and he generally gets 1 up on me so I try to get back at him :L3) You''re probably right there
  12. I was expecting this a long time ago! I think your signature shows it off fairly well. Derby, good side.
  13. Oh dear. Ploughing through threads? You sure bro.. Look how many posts I have in comparison to my time registered, I think you''ll find I am very rarely on this board, so you how you depict I have no life beyond the internet I will not know. If it wasn''t for people like you taking the bate and reducing someone to ''you have no life'' insults on a football forum. Funnily enough, I would be at football training right now if it wasn''t for the weather. It is actually quite funny how someone who I assume to be a fairly old person is trying to mock my social life. Oh yeah, you mentioned me trawling through your posts, you said how you knew I had no season ticket because your remember me posting from over a week ago, aswell as last night.Know when you''re beaten, rather than trying to take highground on a football forum about how often you go out.
  14. [quote user="Mike "]"By the way, selling your Car Park to make do? Doesn''t sound so good to me." Well I guess from a club that fleeces the Sally Army and sh*ts all over local businesses, raising money, reducing debt and having a financial plan doesn''t make much sense. Did you read the report stating the money is there to strengthen the team. Pity Roy is moaning about not getting the backing..... the gap widens :o) [/quote]Sorry for my second double post, but the gap is seriously widening, your biggest advantage ever? 6 points??!?!?!
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