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  1. Which if the current squad if any do you think could play for a mid table premiership team? or lower down.
  2. Certainly not writing them off, I think Fox is a fantastic player! I was just wondering what the thoughts of the pink''un were
  3. Would you have had Bailey instead of Fox and Crofts, with pretty much our entire budget going on him, or two cheapish signings.
  4. [quote user="First Wazzock"][quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="newyorkcanary"]Look, petitions like this are stupid. Message Boards police themselves. Pete will ban him if his posts become constantly offensive but by putting up this silly petition thread you are feeding the troll. Just use the report button and let nature take its course. [/quote]Exactly! Col Who offy site ban people (Me!) we''re far more tolerent than them surely? [/quote] We must be - we''ve trIed to get you banned for years!!! [:P] [/quote] haaa
  5. [quote user="morty"]Can we make the assumption that this is the poster formerly known as "Hoolahans left foot"?[/quote] No I''m not, I my friend is called Nasri''s left foot on 606 so thought I would steal it, I can change it if you want to avoid confusion?
  6. I didn''t say he can''t comment, I just questioned why someone would comment on a thread they had no interest in?
  7. [quote user="NCFC-47"] are you a long time reader i assume with only 6 posts? there will be alot of signatures on here i am one of them[/quote] Yeah, been reading for a long time, only just started posting
  8. If there was NO ONE else of any quality who could be brought in on loan or for a minimal fee, then it would have to be considered, even if he did have terrible distribution.
  9. [quote user="morty"]Normally happens and it gets moved.[/quote] fail
  10. It''s been posted as on a Saturday, does this normally happen and it gets moved? or will we finally be back to Saturday derbys!
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