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  1. Banana, honestly you are being a cu*t He deserves a chance just like every other player. Why don''t you get on down to Colney and tell Hughton that both him and Lambert were wrong in choosing such a poor player. You criticise Ward and yet you state that your favourite player is one who was inconsistent and no where near getting into the top 3 players of the season. You crave attention just like Wiz
  2. Sky Sports News ‏@SkySportsNews Sky Sources: Norwich make bid for Leeds captain Robert Snodgrass #SSN
  3. I suppose he''s learnt a lot since he managed Tottenham IT WAS 14 YEARS AGO.
  4. But surely the fact that footballers are on large wages is irrelevant? He is just doing what is best for his family.
  5. You have been working your way up the ladder of your job for a certain number of time. Everyone in the office loves you, you''re a personality and most people in the job respect you. You only have a few years left before retirement steps in. A new, larger company offer you a larger office, with double the salary, think of all the benefits it could have to your kids/wife/lifestyle. Grant Holt is just trying to do what''s best for himself and his family. I will respect him no matter what. WFLGH
  6. No. He did a good job, but he would never score more than 5 goals in a season. Would rather have Morison and Vaughan up front.
  7. Pavel Pogrebnyak anyone? Just been released by Fulham: 6 in 12 last season. Good player in my opinion
  8. Would be my choice, signed some fantastic players at Newcastle (most notably Tiote and Ben Arfa) had a 55% win record at Newcastle, beat rivals Sunderland 5-1, and got Newcastle''s first win at Arsenal in five years. He guided them to 11th before he was sacked, he was popular with the players as well.
  9. Is it just me, or does anyone indeed respect GH more after his tweets? I mean it was apparent he wanted to leave, and instead of waiting for the club to make another statement he told the fans himself. Not a lot of people would have the bollocks to do that. Thanks for the three years Grant. Good luck, please don''t score against us.
  10. I don''t know much about Stuart Downing. Stewart Downing on the other hand...
  11. Apparently it''s because he finds the dugout too loud at Carrow Road, he wants to manage a team where he can communicate with the team easily because of less crowd noise.
  12. Just been seen outside the DW according to a source, he will sign a three year deal on Monday.
  13. [quote user="H4H"]Marc Tierney anyone??? [/quote] Please say that''s tongue in cheek...
  14. Just signed a new one year deal with the option of a further year. Always thought he had potential. Great news.
  15. On a serious note, I hear McLeish is available now? If we can''t get him, perhaps Peter Grant? Or maybe even Steve Kean.
  16. Will be sad to see him go. In my opinion our best centre back partnership will turn out to be Ayala and Bennett. Will his injury prone past ever come back to haunt him?
  17. Just seen him in Asda, anyone think he could do a job?
  18. They have a lot of nice words for the lad! "I hope you go up this season,then maybe you won''t want him back.To me,he is developing into as good a striker as Marlon King was for us.He''s the type of player that when he gets the ball near the box you expect something to happen.In a better side than us,he would score more,and as it is,he''s scored 4 in 5 starts." " think we''ve only seen the best of McDonald in flashes and that''s due to him taking a while to settle in, injuries, lack of a proper pre-season and poor service a lot of the time. What''s encouraging is that there''s real variety in the goals he''s scored - a couple of headers, an instinctive volley and a great solo effort at Accrington. From what little I knew of him, I thought he tended to get Lineker-esque poachers goals, so it''s definitely a good sign that he''s impressed and got goals without yet really getting typical ''striker''s goals''. Hopefully they will come and then he''ll be an excellent player for us. If I was being critical, then yes he is sometimes knocked off the ball a bit easily and maybe tries to take on one man too many. Overall I rate him though and, Saturday aside, he''s worked really hard chasing and closing down defenders." I really hope he has a part to play for us. Let''s just hope he doesn''t turn into Marlon King in a non football sense OTBC!
  19. McVeigh has gone :L 9-1 McDonald X2 Holt Martin Hoolahan X2 Ward (penalty) and Cureton for Dereham
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