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  1. Robert Snodgrass is the first player in the PL this season to assist two or more goals and score in the same game.
  2. Most of the boos were West Ham fans booing at Morison. Former Millwall and that.
  3. I went on a millwall forum and asked for opinions on both players He''s the type of striker who should be donning a Wall shirt not your soppy fuckin yellow and green bollocks so don''t come on ere givin it smug when you know full well were gonna be a bit raw on losing out! Beyond my sulking jealousy he''s shut hot but fuck off anyway! Kane is top quality and will score goals Harry Kane is full of potential but unproven at Premier League level. He improved a lot with coaching but whether he has got what it takes is unknown. Morison is a match winner at times but most of the time, especially when he loses the ball, he is completely indifferent and couldn''t give a monkeys. Morison will be back at Stevenage within two years. Kane is a great loan signing. Give him back to us if you don''t play him. Starting to get excited about this lad now.
  4. Valid point, I hope it''s not true though. Would be very disappointed to hear if that was the case.
  5. Craig Mackail-Smith ‏@12CMS12 Looking forward to game tomorrow been an eventful day! Be nice to welcome the new players to the team, I''m off to bed to get some rest! from the man himself on twitter What I find most annoying is that we tried to loan out Morison Did Hughton really think it would be acceptable to go into our season with Chris Martin, Simeon Jackson and Grant Holt?
  6. [quote user="Resident Canary Stig"]With four defenders we get spanked, so taking away from the defence in anyway I would imagine to be even more devastating...4-1-2-1-2[/quote] Good idea, if we put out 12 players we probably wouldn''t be as bad!
  7. Cody scored for Coventry yesterday, Hughton should never have let him go. HUGHTON OUT
  8. Nottingham Forest 3-1 Vile That is other football. You also definitely sound bitter.
  9. my thread was not intended to be seriously, like another poster said, I joined 10 weeks after you. Surely you are just as much of a ''glory hunter'' as me?
  10. that''s not really the point, just because you wouldn''t have seen it that''s your own fault. It is ''other football'' Do you not realise how bitter you sound rejoicing because Aston Villa lost a friendly?
  11. Can you please tell me what this has to do with NCFC? Other football section please.
  12. Jesus Christ, I didn''t think this was going to be taken that seriously! In terms of ''any excuse to slate the manager'' I am fully behind Hughton, and was delighted at his appointment, sorry if my post has offended anyone.
  13. β€œHe served us very well, in both promotion seasons, but that is one that has moved on now and we wish him all the best but we have to concentrate very much on what we are trying to do now in the future.” In reference to Andrew Crofts a player who we didn''t sign until may 2010.
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