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  1. Think everyone happy at this news has very short memories. Most of the people on social media celebrating the news are around 15-16 years old and can''t remember the years with Doncaster. If you can remember being at the colchester game, how on earth can you be happy he has gone?
  2. ''I never said that my hopes were "realistic" as you put it, but rather aspirational. '' Well in that case I hope we sign Messi, Aguero and Sanchez and win back to back titles and Guardiola joins if City don''t get in the champions league and we go on to do great things with him at the helm.
  3. [quote user="Pyro Pete"]We couldn''t take Borini on loan as we already have Wisdom from Liverpool. As I understand it, no Premier League side can have more than one domestic loan from the same club. [/quote] No that''s incorrect you can have no more than 2 players from the same parent club. The lack of ambition is seriously disappointing. They''d both certainly do a job, Januzaj in particular...
  4. Both players look set to join Sunderland on Loan. Anyone else think they''d both certainly do a job for us?
  5. Seems to be a lot of moaning on here. No one seems to have taken into account that we already have 5 strikers at the club, all probably on high wages. (RVW, Hooper, Lafferty, Grabban, Jerome) Not many other in our position will have as many strikers taking up such a high amount of the wage budget. Considering we play with 1 striker we''ll need to somehow ship a couple out before we can even think about signing one.
  6. out of interest what has POTS Bradley Johnson done to not deserve a place in the opening side? I would go for Ruddy Whittaker Martin Bassong Brady Redmond Tettey Mulumbu Johnson Hoolahan Grabban (if not fit) then Hooper
  7. I very rarely post on here, but I am giving you guys the privilege in order to say... This is the worst thread I have ever read on any internet forum. Seriously, this is the absolute worst.
  8. shut up you fool, all that matters is that we get three points. Previous games are irrelevant.
  9. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]Messi?! He''s hardly prolific on the world stage, even Rooney''s scored more in qualifiers and finals than him i heard on the radio in the past week. Only difference is that Messi has scored a massive ''one'' goal at the actual world cup finals.[/quote] Well Argentina''s game revolves around Messi now, it didn''t at the last 2 world cups he''s played in... he has 19 goals in his last 19 games for Argentina. So yeah not really prolific.
  10. Fancy Messi playing against bosnia, iran and nigeriai the group! With Yobo at the heart of Nigeria''s defence Messi should score at least 4 in that game alone
  11. we won''t be cashing in on Pilkington, he will leave the club in the summer. Contract expires.
  12. Both of these teams went out of the FA Cup at the weekend to opponents from lower leagues - or non-league in the case of the Canaries'' conquerors, Luton. They will want to put those results behind them with a victory in the Premier League, but Tottenham have problems up front with Jermain Defoe struggling with an injury and Emmanuel Adebayor away at the Africa Cup of Nations. Spurs played without a centre-forward against Leeds and got turned over. There is only one team in the world that can play with a ''false nine'' and that team plays in Spain. Clint Dempsey is a good player but he is an attacking midfielder, meaning he is used to arriving late in the box unmarked and taking his chance. But playing on his own means he is already in the box so it is a completely different role for him. Norwich certainly need a win having taken just a point from their last six games. They were unlucky not to win against Spurs in the away fixture earlier in the season and manager Chris Hughton is a Tottenham lad so will very much be up for the game. Lawro''s prediction: 1-0 I HATE HIM, ALWAYS PREDICTING US TO LOSE.HE''S SO BAD AT HIS JOB WE SHOULD BE PREDICTED TO WIN EVERY WEEK.
  13. sorry bbc sport tweeted BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport Breaking team news: Lampard on the bench for Chelsea while Swansea leave out Danny Graham. Send your thoughts on the match to #bbcfootball Was misleading, apologies.
  14. Not in the Swansea squad for their game against Chelsea tonight
  15. my stream so far has called E.Bennett Ryan Bennett 4 or 5 times and Tyrone Barnett is our centre back apparently.
  16. To the poster above, we have no chance of signing Demba Ba, his wages would be very high. We can not afford to splash out 7.5 million + wages on 1 player. We can not compete with the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal who he has been linked with. You are deluded if you think we have any chance of signing him.
  17. Need to do better with corners, Tettey given the ball away twice in a few minutes. Doesn''t usually do that.
  18. vocal - given to expressing yourself freely or insistently; "outspoken in their opposition to segregation"; "a vocal assembly. Yes you can.
  19. Talksport host on Radio 5. and Chops, I don''t have a problem with people writing opinions. But you must agree that it''s very unprofessional way to write.
  20. What a buffoon. talkSPORTDrive ‏@talkSPORTDrive All the teams below Norwich except Reading will get better 2nd half of season. Norwich have peaked. That''s why I think they''ll go down. talkSPORTDrive ‏@talkSPORTDrive @poshjohn13 conceded 7 in 2, start of the rot. We''ll see if I''m right. I believe you''ll end up bottom 3. Don''t cry about it. talkSPORTDrive ‏@talkSPORTDrive So Norwich concede 7 goals in 2 games and everything''s ok yeah?
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