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  1. there was a lot of outrage when we loaned him out but I feel that this will be beneficial for his career and for us. He was always going to have limited time here, it will be good if he can become a little bit stronger on the ball and get the same positive experience as Jacob and Josh.
  2. he plays behind the striker and we have more than enough options for that position. Also while they spent a ridiculous amount of money last season they''ve actually not signed anyone this window!
  3. West Ham United have signed French left-back Arthur Masuaku from olympiacos on a four-year contract. Hopefully that means Olsson will be going nowhere!
  4. [quote user="treacletown07"]Newcastle looked disjointed and poor defensively. I am not really impressed with any of their signings and they don''t look better thanoour players. If we stick together and are compact then we will can get automatic promotion with a couple of sensible striking additions. The key is not making or being forced into wholesale changes.[/quote] I would take Hayden and Ritchie. Other than that, meh.
  5. brighton have said on twitter they usually don''t share transfer stories but for this they would make an exception. Pritchard had agreed terms and a fee with spurs had been agreed with Brighton. Due to traffic on the M25 the deal took longer to complete and Norwich managed to squeeze him in! Even Chris Hughton was said to be furious. Who can come up with the best chant for this tale?
  6. summed up by this quote from AN "He''s one I turn to when I need someone to deliver for me, & he never really lets me down. He’ll be key for us this year." He really is a special player.
  7. NORWICH City midfielder Wes Hoolahan has signed a new contract with the Canaries, keeping him at Carrow Road until at least 2018. The summer of 2018 will mark 10 years since the popular Ireland international signed for City from Blackpool, after which he has gone on to feature 338 times in all competitions, scoring 45 times. Read more at http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/wes-hoolahan-norwich-city-contract-3219551.aspx#yrLbOKy7TRkhp7h2.99 The man is a god
  8. have you ever played football Indy? This article is based purely on stats and not convincing ones, it is also written by someone with a lack of understanding of the way the game is actually played. He is weak on the ball, i''ve never seen him win a 50/50. Given the way the game has changed this day and age being a poacher/finisher is not good enough to get you in any starting XI. There are no current strikers in the premier league who are pure finishers, they can hold the ball up or use pace (much like Jerome) but RVW is a dying breed. RVW is not good, he has not been good and anyone who was even at the peterborough game could see that he is just not good enough. He is now playing in a league where a 36 year old Dirk Kuyt can score over 20 goals. I expect he will score a few over there (given the standard is terrible) and you will be running to say how good he is back on here. The reality is that he''s had 3 different managers and NONE of them have rated him as good enough.
  9. Don''t want to talk about them too much but they have just lost at home to Union St Gilloise For anyone who doesn''t know who they are they''re a Suffolk based team who play in the championship. I''m of the opinion that friendlies are pretty meaningless but losing to a belgian 2nd tier team is pretty funny
  10. if you honestly think that was as bad as the colchester game then i take it you weren''t actually at that game...
  11. ah yes, you need to blend in so asking a steward where your seat is you''ll stand out like a sore thumb no one ever does that. I''ve also been a matchday steward for York city and they have often told me to be on the look out for scouts and try and find them and eject them. I thought I was just a man in a jacket but the power is great.
  12. The owner of aston villa has just tweeted the following ''For days, I''ve been wondering a question: If one of our rivals plays dirty,should we play decently? But I understand why they''re relegated!'' general consensus seems to be that this is regarding something to do with McCormack
  13. [quote user="True Grit"][quote user="Duncan Edwards"]More sound advice. I note that packed lunches were mentioned earlier and we''ve now broached services. Do you find it difficult to resist the Krispy Kreme donuts and KFCs? Or do you partake and then employ a rigorous exercise regime in order to maintain an athletically professional aesthetic for potential clients?[/quote] I generally eat clean, but there will be instances where you need to change your appearance if you''re revisiting a hostile club, who are suspicious of scouts tapping up their players. In which case I will bulk up for a week or so before using foods with high fat contents - I will stress that method-scouting is rare, but an essential skill.[/quote] Ah yes, eating fatty foods for a week would obviously make you practically invisible. I''m sure the 3 pounds you''d put on would make you unnoticeable. Would you recommend drinking a coffee so you''re more alert? Would you recommend asking a steward where your seat as as they can be difficult to find at times? What''s your opinion on buying a program so you know who each player is based on their number?
  14. I spoke about the club spending 12 million and stated that it was relatively unimportant. 12 million does make little difference in terms of the clubs finances or yourself. Which it is in reality. You compared this to spending 1.6 billion on the worlds best players... If you think you''ve ''caught me out'' and you''re happy to have done so with your coherent argument then fair enough mate.
  15. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Mark Fotheringham City Legend"] What difference does it make if the club spends 12 million. It actually makes no difference to the club or yourself other than saying ''well we spent 12 million on someone'' I think you''ve been playing a bit too much Football Manager kid.[/quote]I wish we''d have known that the amount of money spent made no difference to the club, if only we''d known that we''d have signed half the Barca side, a selection of the best players across the world, and when asked where the 1.3billion (or whatever it would cost to sign these players) is coming from, we could simply answer "It makes no difference to us, we just spent 1.3billion"...The fact that you think transfer fees are irrelevant and make no difference shows the rest of us exactly who the ''Kid'' is.[/quote] Good to see the point has gone completely over your head. 12 million is completely comparable to 1.6 billion so that is certainly a relevant critique on what i said. I''m sure those players would love to go to Norwich and FFP would not be an issue at all. Complete non-post and taking what i said out of context. They are certainly irrelevant when comparing whether we sign a striker for 12 million or 7-8 million. 5 million pounds is not a lot of money for a club in our position. Can you please tell me what relevance a 12 million fee has with no resale value than a 15 million fee with a potential resale value (with nothing guaranteed) as OP suggested.
  16. [quote user="True Grit"][quote user="93vintage"]The club''s aim is to get promoted this year at whatever cost, hence we''re not building for the future. We''re paying a lot for ''safe'', experienced players, but the trouble with this plan is that in the longer term we won''t be able to compete with richer clubs.Eventually our luck will run out and we''ll fail to get promoted. The team will then decline because we won''t even be able to afford to replace like for like.We need to keep building. Because every year we don''t do so, we fall further behind.[/quote] Great post, that''s exactly it. We have fallen into, and perhaps have always taken the safe option. Last season we had the chance to make marquee signings and really push. I suggested high profile players, the likes of dzecko, Pato and Barton. I predicted we would be relegated unless we took a calculated risk on signing players of this stature and caliber. Unfortunately my prediction became a reality. As we''ve lost out premier league status we don''t have the option of top level players. I beleive it''s important to sign experienced work horses this year to fight us back into the tip flight - this season won''t be pretty, the players need to bite down hard on their gumsheilds (metaphorically speaking) and tough it out.[/quote] Dzeko would never go to Norwich, neither could we afford him. Pato is past it, would never go to Norwich and we couldn''t afford him. Barton is toxic. We would have been able to afford him but not the sort of player most of us would like at the club. No to all three.
  17. Bamford did absolutely nothing in his time at Norwich to suggest that we should be going for him at any level. To suggest that you''d rather have someone completely unproven from ''barcelona youth academy'' or someone who has played 2 games for Chelsea instead of a player like mccormack is utterly delusional. Also, what makes you think an 18-19 year old would want to leave his country to play in the championship? What difference does it make if the club spends 12 million. It actually makes no difference to the club or yourself other than saying ''well we spent 12 million on someone'' I think you''ve been playing a bit too much Football Manager kid.
  18. do you honestly think 50k for mccormack is a conservative estimate?! he would be our highest paid player by quite a considerable distance if that was the case. More like 35.
  19. For me business is not just about who you buy it''s about who you sell. Considering we have only had Redmond and O''Neil leave the club (most of us are happy with the Redmond fee) I''d say we''ve done well hanging on to Tettey, Howson, Klose to name a few. It''s not all bad :)
  20. Hi guys just want a quick yes/no from everyone; interested to see what opinions are. Will McGovern be joining the club as number 1 goalkeeper? I''m going to go with No.
  21. [quote user="im spartacus"] You''ve got your cup finals back You''ve got your cup finals back You''ve got your cup finals back To the Paulo Di canio opera type tune [/quote] Lol. Good use of syllables there
  22. Hi Guys, does anyone have a copy of that picture of Grant Holt being subbed on and I think it''s Bale sighing or lifting his head up in disappointment? Apologies for the spam.
  23. Eden Hazard 5''8 Sergio Aguero 5''8 Alexis Sanchez 5''7 Lionel Messi 5''7 Santi Cazorla 5''6 I''m not saying Maddison will be as good as any of these players but please don''t write him off before you''ve seen him kick a ball because of how tall he is.
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