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  1. I do not understand, these are not picturs of Kygyst people. The top one is a Cocknee and the other appears to be Kazakhstani....
  2. What is most remarkabl is your time-keeping, I only came on here for the fist time this morning!
  3. I am from Kyrgystan and still live there but England is my secund home. Three loins on a shirtt!!!
  4. Head of Department at the time (1992-95) was Phil Dixon. I did not have just one lecturer - who does at university? But some of my lecturers included Jeffrey May, Bill Cavanagh, and Hamish Forbes. I worked on the site at Crickley Hill in Gloucestershire for 2 summers which Phil ran. Is that enough for you?
  5. [quote user="spm2866"]Asalamalekam, my wife is from Naryn, Kyrgyzstan so she knows Bishkek well and through me now a follower of our beloved Canaries so thats two fans from far of Central Asia. Keep in touch our Kyrgyz brother OTBC since 1969[/quote] Salamatsyzby! I have been to the velodrome in Naryn, to watch Nurak Abdirakhmanov play in concert. It is a nice place. Regarding the other posts - sorry if I have offended you in some way (I assume Troll is a derogatory commenting), I simply wished to ecspress my happiness for Canarys!
  6. 1. Ipswhit 2. Man Utd 3. FC Neftchi Kochkor - Ata (local Kyrgystan rivals)
  7. That was how it was spelt in Nottingham by fans I asked, however they were Forest fans so misspelling maybe humourous??? I no know.... Also, when I listen on internet radio, I cannot understand Pal Lambert many times. Is he from another country like me?
  8. Sorry my English has gotten rusty since my days there. I know I spelt city wrong. Oops lol! Why did Canary get rid of Ginner Pele? Kosh Kalyng!
  9. Good morning, sorry if my English is not to good. I follow Canaries via the internet, and joined this forum to say well done fro promotion to Championship this year! I live in the citi of Bishkek in Kyrgystan, did a 3 year course in Nottingham University in Archaeology, and fell in love with England. Went to some Forest and Cunty games but did not enjoy much. Chose to follow Canaries as my housemate came from Ipswich lol ! Am I the most far-flung Canary fann on forums or not? Many thanks. Kosh Kalyng! (Goodbye!) Andre.
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