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  1. I don''t know loads but I do know he tutored one of my coaching courses a few years back and has done a lot with The FA. Very good youth coach. Not very helpful but adds a bit I hope..
  2. [quote user="Wolfgang Bumpkin"]Don''t mock me it was spellchecker . Wolfgangs quote of the day "An apple is an apple so what''s Huhgton?"[/quote] Something that isn''t NCFC manager?
  3. I may be wrong here but i''m sure that Hughton said when RVW arrived that he could play this role.. If i''m correct and he did then maybe he had the plan then to play him there...
  4. This is about as reliable as Fox News cos it''s from a friend who was speaking to McNally, but apparently he said it''ll likely be 8-10 out and 8-10 in. I this helps with predicting your numbers....
  5. Vladamir Weiss is always excellent for me on Fm13... Does that count? :P
  6. There''s been a few of these in the last couple days. This is the third i''ve seen. Can''t recall who they were (really random names!) but someone is definitely bored!
  7. Haven''t seen him play but have heard he''s decent (heard that so many times though!). Wasn''t David Stephens or someone meant to have huge potential when he went to Scotland (Rangers?), haven''t heard about him since, though if it was Rangers then Div 3 might be why!
  8. Just got tickets, in the Jarrold (i might be wrong, but that''s how it sounded cos he was so very cheerful!!!). If they''ve opened that place then the attendance will likely be 15000+
  9. Their decision making is either not good or too slow yes.. BUT this is an experience thing as much as anything. Cast your minds back to when Ronaldo signed for Utd. I can barely recall him passing EVER! Now he knows when to pass and when to run. These lads are still only 17 and will learn this as they go out on loan and play in professional leagues. Plus yes there were TV cameras and that may have affected them slightly, but again that''s an experience thing. The fact is players only play at 17 in the Premier League if they are exceptional and early bloomers. These lads may not be exceptional now but still have 6/7/8 years to grow and develop. They are excellent talents who still have some development to do, that is standard but if you expect them to suddenly be getting 10-12 assists a season in the PL from next year, then you''re mad. My last point.... How many times does Wes take it one step too far? And how many still moan when he is not playing...?
  10. Completely irrelevant but liking seeing this name after i''ve signed him in every game on FM13... Think he''d be a great signing for us as others have said and an area in which we could do with strengthening
  11. If pushed.. Leeds.. But if got whichever tie i wanted.. Bradford or Swindon at home..
  12. I believe the idea is in time to have the league running alongside Premier League Fixtures. I read somewhere the thinking was to have these games after a PL fixture so that a young player sat on the bench for the first team can go and get a game afterwards and allow fans to watch these games at the same time. I may have read it slightly wrong but the overall aim is for this league to be watched more than the reserve league was and much more in line with the PL and with a much greater influence (obviously) on youth development and progression.
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