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  1. Exactly what we said, if NCFC can do it, so too can top international teams as well.  
  2. Totally agree with the OP. Exactly what we''ve been thinking for a long time. Perhaps even Wolfie might even come good and get a hat full of goals.
  3. Sadly NO ,rated him when he first came, but well out of it now
  4. Hi, For all those driving to Cardiff tomorrow - in case you''re not aware, Wales are playing a Six Nations match in Cardiff which is starting at half two and the traffic on the motorway through Newport on Six Nation rugby days is almost at a standstill  - it also gets very congested at the tolls on the Second Severn Crossing - so I''m just making you aware that you might need to allow more time to get to Cardiff than usual. OTBC
  5. Hull beat Swansea to the title of UK City of Culture so it can''t be all bad!!!!
  6. Our son, who loved Norwich City, was diagnosed with leukaemia in January 2008. Unfortunately due to havng such an aggresive form he sadly died aged 22 in August 2008. It was only due to regular blood transfusions that he lived as long as he did and we as a family are indebted to all who do give blood. We give blood regularly now and would encourage all who can to do so as you really can make a difference to someones life. So if you can attend this session please do. Thanks.
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