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  1. The Evening News and the twonk who sent the email have made us look pathetic. Emails are supposed to be private unless both partys agree otherwise. From how I read it, the Evening News did not have Cowlings permission, but rang him to inform him of them running the story for a comment. Yes the nazi thing is bad, but get a grip. How many of you laugh, when its been used by John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, Steve coogan etc? Like other people have said, I think its in poor taste the Evening News putting this on the front page, after the murder in Norwich, and the killing spree in Cumbria. Cowling, shouldnt have reacted like that, but I admit if I had recieved that email i would have reacted the same. I wouldnt have mentioned the nazis, but I would have been equally disrespectful. Talk to people how you want people to talk to you. People saying they are going to report him to the FA and want police action, need to get out more. I hate to say this and slag off fellow City fans, but some of your comments are so niave, you really do need to grow up. The guy who sent the email seems to be expecting some sort of hero worshipping, playing the hard done by act. When in all honesty, he is a plank, who thought he would be the joker of the pack insulting a fellow professional clubs chairman, and in the process putting us across in the same style you would expect of a moronic Leeds fan. We as NCFC fans are better than that.
  2. Doc has been offered a new deal today. Just said on sky sports news.
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