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  1. dunno why they removed it, he was there today, all the idiots commenting earlier probably got it removed...as i said earlier i didnt say he had signed just that he was there!
  2. [quote user="whitty"]hi anyone got 4 spare tickets for west brom saturday ?[/quote] please!!
  3. hi anyone got 4 spare tickets for west brom saturday ?
  4. its obv not definate, but i know someone who is involved with that match who has been told it will "almost certainly be on the sunday"
  5. I have heard that the newcastle game is live on sky on sunday March 11th, should be Villa v Bolton, but Bolton are in the FA cup so the Newcastle v Norwich fixture replaces it...anyone else heard anything??
  6. harry, they flew out sunday after the game on saturday, both season ticket holders and regular away followers...proper supporters i would say!!
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