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  1. Rumours going round suggesting Freddie Eastwood from Coventry is in Norwich having talks? and news on that?
  2. As you can probally tell by the username, im a born Norwich fan who moved to Coventry at an early age :( However it means that the 18th of december is a big big date for me! It decides whether i get bullied or not haha! We''re doing a superb job keeping above them haha! Reckon we''ll win? By the way i thought Holt and Lansbury were superb today! Looked a different class, so did russel Martin actually! OTBC
  3. Personally i didnt think Martin wouold perfrom as well as he did. But yeah alot of people performed who i didnt beleive would.
  4. I know all these posts have already come up, but i want to ad my summary to this last season. My team of the year - Fraser Forster Adam Drury Russel Martin Gary Doherty Michael Nelson Wesley Hoolahoop Simon Lappin Korey Smith Darel Russel Chris Martin Grant Holt Player of the season - 1.Grant Holt 2.Gary Doherty 3.Fraser Forster Young Player of the season - 1. Korey Smith 2. Chris Martin 3. Declan Rudd Biggest Surpirse ( Players that have made a positive impact on me after some doubts) 1. Simon Lappin 2. Chris Martin 3. Michael Nelson Any one agree or Disagree
  5. Id take fletcher at the expense of rusell, Id also take vidic for the expense of Nelson as i dont think he''ll cope in the champoinship, Id take park at right mid to instead of mcnamme anyday!
  6. I think its good, in the fact we play proper football, but it would provide a bit of vareity?
  7. It would be nice to see Milwall to come up just because of the fact they finished 3rd :)
  8. Is it just me or are Norwich lacking a long throw? It seems to me that most teams have a long throw now, like delap and gunnarson of coventry, we have rose but lets be honest he''s not goood enough to take drurys place.
  9. Being from Coventry the biggest game for me next year is : Norwich - Coventry (alot rests on it) Norwich - Ipshite ( Put roy keane in his place ) Norwich - Portsmouth ( Family from there to!)
  10. Wow, all i do is say hi and i start world war 3!
  11. It will be intresting to see how Korey Smith gets on in the Champoinship
  12. Do you really think Nelson, askou etc are good enough?
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