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  1. [quote user="Sideshow Tim - back in the championship"]Holt - 18 Martin - 0 Ricky Lambert - 21 ;-)[/quote] I think Grant Holt will score fifteen goals next season while Chris Martin will score sixteen. This is in all competitions ofcourse! HaHa
  2. [quote user="UEA Canary"]shut up rick and hucks/gregory. clearly devonshire is just having a laugh. you need to clear off this forum, your nothing but a pest. pm me with police threats all yo like, i very much enjoy it[/quote] Sorry I do not know what you mean? If you have a problem feel free to privately message me. Now back to the thread! HaHa
  3. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]I registered in preparation the day before they closed registrations. [/quote] This all seems extremely childish. There is a difference between "banter" and what you''re planning to do.
  4. "I''M GOIN ON THE PITCH! I''M GOIN ON THE PITCH! AND SOON YA GONNA BELIVE ME, AND SOON YA GONNA BELIVE ME, AND SOON YA GONNA BELIVE ME  DEVONSHIRE''S GOIN ON THE PITCH" That is just childish and selfish. Supprters like you should not be even allowed near Carrow Road let alone the pitch. Always consider the consequences of your actions.
  5. [quote user="Gregory"][quote user="Largey"]Don''t forget the indefinite ban and exclusion zone of 1 mile from the stadium between the hours of 12pm to 8pm on matchdays![/quote] I would agree with this. A one mile exclusion zone would prevent trouble on matchdays, while an indefinate ban would mean these ''thugs'' would need to beg to receive any chance in returning. What music would you like to hear before the match Largey? I am tired of all thismodern clap trap, could they just for once perhaps play some sinatra or mozart- but a bit quieter? Maybe they could play it throughout the match?[/quote] Interesting idea Gregory, it could work. I wonder how others would take it though?
  6. It is a good thing that none of that did happen. With those poor back two we still have though anything is believable.
  7. [quote user="Suffolk exile"]Hate to be neagtive here, but only one team has one the third then second tier in consecutive years since the war. 12/1 seems very misely to me. Should be about 8/1 to reach the play offs, 25/1 to win the league. Only then is it worth a punt.[/quote] If everything was equal each club would have 24/1 odds which must hint that we have a chance. However what am I to know, I''m not a betting man!
  8. In my opinion they should all be banned regardless. How dare they threaten to ruin the lap of honour for other fans just for their own selfish gains. It was extremely upsetting for me to see them act in such an ignorant manner. Thugs like that should be picked out of football.
  9. [quote user="bjg123"]26 in 40 is pretty damn decent, especially as it''s a dramatic improvement for him, hopefully it shows a player in acsendency and he can cope with a big step up. [/quote] I saw him when York played Cambridge- he really is an excellent player very similar to Holt and would make perfect back-up.
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