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  1. Moved to Thetford from Southwark/Bermondsey aged about 5 in 1965. Was not into football really. Passed 11 plus, went to Grammar school which meant walking past all these Secondary Modern boys who just loved my cap!! Got to know some of them who always wore their yellow and green scarves, they encouraged me to get to the station on a Saturday and go to the match, so I did! Loads used to go from Thetford, didn''t all support Norwich but teamed up for the day, I was hooked! Soon started away games, went every week on Ruths coach from Attleborough, such a shock when she died. Had a spell out whilst playing but now a season ticket holder in the Watling (I know!) for the past 20 odd years. Whilst the football has not always been great, the hooks are in and they never come out!
  2. The Larling Angel flag is with two Sussex based fans who are chuffed that they had got a prime location for it to be seen on tv! Indeed Andrew at the Angel is a huge City fan and I can confirm that the bypass has not affected trade and he would be glad to greet you all in there at any time!
  3. Looking for one ticket for Brighton. Am on the waiting list at the club but who knows. Can anyone help please?
  4. You sound like you are from the same era as me stratton, I can just about afford it again, but I do not know how much longer I will want to. Agree on the the strikers !!
  5. Thanks Vazzza, you have explained the problem I have better than I did. Will try to be a bit more patient!!    
  6. I know this is in the wrong section....... but I have been having problems with this website and the edp one. After a few minutes I lose the internet connection and have to ''restore my previous page'' Anyone else have this problem, or am I just doing something wrong (not a computer expert!!) Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Went to a match at a ground that I had never been to and probably never will again, where is the association? I have seen Norwich play at probably 100+ grounds over the years, does that mean I am ''associated'' with all them too?
  8. I also travelled on ''club cabbage'' had a great but long day out. Never been to Parkhead before and had a couple of hours in George Square into the bargain. Whats not to like?
  9. Couple of us are going on the coaches, don''t really see what is so horrific, we went to Milan and Munich by coach whilst in Europe!! Its not as if we are strapped in and not allowed to move (cue people saying we should!!) plus a journey of approx 380 miles is not going to take 12 hours is it? After coming back from holiday it is also the most cost effective, we wanted to go and could not afford the overnight option.  
  10. I hope so, after the massive love in, 150 of us stood/sat there would look a bit sick wouldn''t it?
  11. I agree 100%, the actual word does not bother me, the double standards definitely do.
  12. The removal van, remember seeing that a few times!! Away days were certainly different then[:D]
  13. Cant make from Thursday, that makes flights etc too much for me, have fun!! Holland/Belgium for preseason tours please!!
  14. I have been looking this morning at Graz, too much for me! Will now have a look at Bratislava as I would very much like to be there. The preseason tour does not seem to include the fans anymore, which is a shame as we had started to get a bit of a following.
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