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  1. Garry''s a good friend of my brother and he has always seemed to want to stay here and complete the job of taking us back to where we should be. He''s bought a car off me before too, top lad.
  2. I''m using a friends season ticket in the N and P and I will be brining inflatables this weekend. I have to say though the N and P is full of moaning old biddies! The women a couple of rows back from me never stops telling the players what to do when she has obviously never played football in her life, she thinks she''s Deli with all her comment and quotes I feel like turning round and telling her to shut up. The women directly behind me asked me to sit-down 20 seconds after Martins goal against Leeds!! I just turned around and ignored her. Then she was huffing a puffing when the final whistle went and everyone was standing up. WHY DO THESE PEOPLE GO TO FOOTBALL? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! RANT OVER :)
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