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  1.                                                                                             Green

                                         Fleming                              Rehman                       Docherty                     Drury


                                                                                   Etuhu                        Robinson              

                                                      Johansson                                Earnshaw                                   Huckerby     


                              Subs:  Gallacher, Shackell, McVeigh, Thorne, Jarrett,                     

  2. I know a mate of mine was talking about recent young players at Brighton doing well.
    He mentioned Alex Smith at the time saying he had a lot of talent and seemed to bring a lot to the table in his early career. But of late had found himself out of the team a bit and struggling to hit target. In fact he hadnt done anything for about the last 8 weeks.

  3. Agree, a return to Sweden looks the likely option.
    Along with a lot of posters here I will be sad to see him go. He isnt the best centre forward around, but what he lacks he more than makes up with it by playing with his heart on his sleeve a lot of the time. He gets stuck in, has a good left foot and has a good
    rapport with the fans. He goes mad when he scores as well which makes him a favorite with a lot of the crowd.

  4. Anyone driving down? I''m thinking of going to a tube station on the outskirts and then
    getting through london that way. Seems that going by train you have to get off and get
    onto a bus to complete the trip. Could be a nightmare!

    Anyone know a good tube station on the outskirts with parking?

  5. I remember seeing an interview earlier this season with Jose Mourinho after
    his side had drawn at home with Spurs 0-0. He claimed that Spurs had turned up and parked a bus in front of their goal, as they had played so defensively, he''d claimed.
    As we are talking formation in this case I suggest we do the same, - in fact make sure its one of the big green park and ride ones and Drogba, Lampard, Terry and co will have no chance of scoring.

  6. Cant wait, til we go there tommorrow and it seems such a long time since
    this one came out.......

    ''you look in a dustbin
    find something to eat
    ''you find a dead rat and you think its a treat''
    ''in your liverpool slums''.......

    seems ages since we sang this.

    Anfield is another morgue of a Premiership ground. They dont sing anymore since the Kop went.

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