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  1. Highlights are normally shown on footy tube.com. not always with english commentators. You will have to search the site for it but it will be there.
  2. It was 1973, sorry to dispel your theory but I truly cant remember who it was it was that good. Forty years on there are so many games I would like to forget. On the positive side there are many i will never forget, happy days.
  3. I was thinking two point at best possibly 4 at the most. Villa will be a tough game.
  4. I think I may be missing something, Blackburn are in 18th four point clear from the drop zone with a game in hand. How does this equate to clearly heading for Div1?
  5. At the beginning of the season I was one of his biggest detractors, albeit quietly not normally one to moan in public and all that. But today I have to admit I think there is something there I failed to appreciate in the early days. The thing that impressed me most today was the way he would throw the ball to players at close quarter and let them play football. A chap behind me (block E / LB) was constantly bemoaning the lack of hoof ball; he was saying just kick it down the other end. Total dick. Lets encourage short passing and on the ground football, banish the hoof ball with the resulting nod anywhere head tennis.
  6. [quote user="Harry"][quote user="morty"][quote user="city-till-i-die"]Hi sorry i know its not City related but how do i change the setting so i dont get all that emo funny stuff when i quote or post...THNX IN ADVANCE [Y][/quote]The only browser that truly works properly for me on this forum is Firefox. I use Chrome for everything else and Firefox for this forum![/quote]Same here morty.[/quote]just testing using firefox
  7. How many times has weak bladder and his fifa cronies criticised English clubs for the amount of debt they carry, Barcelona has 369.5 million pounds debt, why doesn’t he slate them.
  8. Have to accept he will go on to bigger & better things one day though Yes he will, Norwich in the champion’s league. No harm in dreaming.
  9. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I have just noticed we play Crystal palace for the second time this season before we play Sheffield united for the first time. Four games later we play Sheffield again, is this unusual or does it happen regularly?
  10. I’m quite happy with my season ticket price (lower Barclay) But the occasional seat costing is a little steep, as for the food that’s a complete rip off. Was told by a steward recently that NCFC where thinking of banning fans from bringing in their own food and drink. Morrison’s will be pleased.
  11. |BA said Whereas I merely belittle with sexist patronisation. Do I ? I was actually plagiarising Al Murry the pub landlord, it’s called humour. I feel as though I have been corrected by the politically correct fun police. I was actually praising her.
  12. Does anyone know Belinda? Where does she sit, if it’s the lower Barclay I will buy you a pie and a pint (sorry fruit based drink for the ladies) She stood her ground, even if she did get a bit wound up by the mockney wannabe Neanderthal.
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