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  1. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="Excited Canary"] The defense were more to blame than Ruddy for their 2nd goal - they should have headed it clear! Ruddy obviously only saw it late and by then there wasn''t much he could do.[/quote] Agreed, the ball went closest to Tierney, he started to go for it, Ruddy thought he was too, Tierney then decides to leave it & it''s too late for Ruddy to react. It was either a 100% Tierney''s error or a joint cock up.  [/quote]It shouldn''t be about thinking and second guessing. If the keeper wants the ball he should call for it as Tierney should have done too. They didn''t and Man City scored. Our defence doesn''t appear to talk to each other as well as they should.
  2. Maybe it has something to do with all the threads that have disappeared over the last few days and that caused a blip in the system.Some have had posts of mine in but there''s been nothing from Archant to say why the threads have gone.
  3. Depression is very much misunderstood. No-one but Gary will know what he was going through. Not even his wife. As for suicide, it is often the only viable option felt left to rid yourself of the pain and feelings of worthlessness that sufferers are going through. Someone suffering from depression is incapable of even considering the feelings of their husband/wife etc.RIP Gary
  4. Not sure why Barnett getting the blame for the goal as I felt he was clearing up after a Tierney error and Ruddy didn''t shout to say he was clearing up. That was my view.Tierney gets a lot of praise when he does things rigth but not much criticism when he makes mistakes. He has done a lot well but does make mistkaes too and these seem to get overlooked.
  5. How lucky you are to have a spare £120 to give the club. I''m sure many others are not in that position.On the flip side it''s sad to see the club adopt such tactics for money as cold calling is unfair. Must be cheaper than a postal request.
  6. Have we been watching the same games?I''m sure Wes has lost possession many times this season because he is not strong enough against some opposition. Liverpool away, Villa away to name but 2 games.So far for the bigger part of this season mid-field has been our weak point. Wes is a good player but his style of play is not being a strong, physical player but a skilful, quick player. Which other players have kept possession well?
  7. [quote user="TIL 1010"]The Inner Circle do have a code of honour and i thought you of all people would know that.[;)] [/quote]Now that does surprise me as many posters deny the existance of an inner circle. Many of the same posters also seem to not understand the meaning of honour
  8. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Drurys Testamonials"][quote user="......and Smith must score."] It''s only the select few who experience the joy of the Pussy Wagon.....[/quote]I reckon that blonde from the boat must experience those joys on a regular basis. Why else was she on the boat?....[/quote] Pop in The Nelson after the game and i will introduce you. [/quote]No thanks. I''m particular about the company I keep
  9. [quote user="......and Smith must score."] It''s only the select few who experience the joy of the Pussy Wagon.....[/quote]I reckon that blonde from the boat must experience those joys on a regular basis. Why else was she on the boat?....
  10. Would go for the diamond with Jackson up front with Morison as they have linked well on the rare occasions they''ve played together this season. Still not convinced Wes has a guaranteed start as he gets played off the ball too easily by some opposition. Wouldn''t drop Naughton for De Laet as there was no link-up for him with Bennett not starting against Arsenal so looked lost as a result. Tierney''s been very good but has not always covered his ground as he should. Many problems seem to stem from midfield. Sort that and maybe the rest will fall into place.If Lambert''s not afraid to drop Holt  for not cutting the mustard then he needs to implement the same rule to every player. Johnson needs to practise his free kicks.
  11. Clearly no-one can explain.Very good Gingerpele.I like the graphics Alejandra [Y]
  12. What''s Fatima ever done to deserve all this grief from Norwich fans? [:S]
  13. There used to be a locked message saying what we couldn''t talk about on here at the top of the page. It''s gone.Now there are posters who mention certain unmentionable things from that message both while it was at the top of the page and now it''s gone. Does that mean they can be talked about now? What about when those topics were banned? Certain posters were allowed to mention them and not get their posts pulled or get told off/banned themselves.What exactly are we allowed to talk about and not talk about? How do we know if we are talking about a banned topic if we don''t know what the banned topics are? [:S]
  14. Usually you appear to go to these things and report back. Some people are so touchy.
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