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  1. Ah you're a negative nelly. Yeah you're right, we didn't deserve to go up because our defence was so poor.
  2. You need to look up the differences between race, ethnicity and nationality. You'll be shocked to learn that 195 countries doesn't mean 195 races. Anyway, I can't be bothered any more. The guy you originally replied to had said nothing bigoted at all.
  3. Happy for Leeds, the rivalry was only ever a light-hearted one for me. It's good to see them back in the Prem. I wonder if they'll spend big or be a bit more balanced like Sheff United.
  4. Jesus wept. We won the league, finished 11 points clear of third and went 14 games unbeaten, that is not "struggling to get over the line". Let's at least be fair to DF.
  5. I'd give him at least 5 games next season.
  6. He didn't mention anything to do with race, you're the only one who's made it about race.
  7. Holt will be fine, he will start scoring. Give him a few more games.
  8. I''m 100% glad we are out of the worthless cup, Lambert has done us a favour. Focus on the league, nothing else matters!!
  9. they were all piss poor, but Grant Holt created a goal.
  10. You would be better of keeping that 96 pounds mate
  11. I expect Holt to score about 15-20 this season
  12. [quote user="kdncfc"][quote user="spencer 1970"]lightweight? what like barca/spain?[/quote] Messi would find it difficult in the Championship.[/quote] Oh come on mate, Messi would be untouchable in the Championship.
  13. I doubt Algeria are any better than League one quality, I would expect Norwich to beat them.
  14. Jackson is a goalscorer, definitely a good one to try and sign, especially if Holt gets injured.
  15. Freebie is a town fan with 1,800+ posts? Wow that is sad, go back to your own board freebie! I think Holt is a better goalscorer than Heskey. Sure heskey will have a better first touch and better awareness but those things alone do not make you a good striker. Heskey lacks any kind of clinical finishing in front of goal, he can''t even read the game to get himself in regular goal scoring positions. Heskey is the one of the worst strikers I have ever seen. And let''s be honest most prem clubs have dropped him like a bad habit. England managers seem to like him but then the last two England managers have been a joke and the current one looks set to drop him. (fingers crossed!) Now to confuse you all, I don''t think Holt is premiership quality, but I do think he is a better goal scorer than Heskey. Holt has what I like to call strikers instinct, he gets him self in dangerous positions, he can read the game, Heskey can''t do that. Heskey is the annoying kind of striker that is too scared to take a penalty in the first 5 of a penalty shoot out.
  16. [quote user="Wardogz"] Having a good team is better than sticking a load of big names together, Algeria played as a good team and our so called big name players could break them down? ![/quote] Sorry i meant couldn''t break them down
  17. I would rather see Holt in an England shirt than Heskey, yeah Heskey would have a better first touch but HE CAN''T SCORE. I remember the days when he played on the left wing for England (LOL) I would seriously rather have seen Huckerby out there. England focus too much on playing the big names and not building a team. Capello wants a big target man that can score, Ashton obviously would have been perfect but Heskey can''t fulfil the role, instead of focusing on big names why not look to lower leagues? Having a good team is better than sticking a load of big names together, Algeria played as a good team and our so called big name players could break them down? Why? Because half of them play out of position? Gerrard and Lampard are contantly played out of position. Playing Gerrard on the left is a waste of a great player, you might as well not play him and replace him for someone who is more comfortable out there, but England managers never have the guts to drop the big names so instead they just put them in any old position. Holt or Heskey? Holt every time because he is not scared of shooting and he has strikers instinct. Heskey is not a striker. Heskey would not score 30 goals in league one. The biggest problem with Heskey is his inability to get into dangerous goal scoring positions, why doesnt he score from corners? Because he is clueless! Holt would score from corners. Who would you choose to take a penalty? HOLT everytime!
  18. [IMG]http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/OllyPechey/GHEngland.jpg[/IMG]
  19. [IMG]http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/OllyPechey/GHEngland.jpg[/IMG]
  20. Someone like him will probably want 1 million a minute for his services. disgusting how much these over the hill players want.
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