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  1. Most fans in English football would cut off their right arm to have enjoyed a past decade like ours. Our reputation amongst bitter Twitter warriors is nothing more than amusing to me.
  2. I'm very worried for the deluded people that liked his post. Living in la la land.
  3. Just shows that heart and passion are more important than deep pockets alone. Yes it would be nice if Delia's could sell a few more cook books but I trust her, she'd never sell the club down the river or do anything to intentionally harm it. Money can't buy that.
  4. I agree, I think Brentford are out of the running for our promotion spot, I'm also not convinced by Swansea, their defeat to Bournemouth had been a long-time coming. Barring a meteorite destroying the city, it's hard to see us not winning at least 3 more games.
  5. Realistically, 3 more wins should seal promotion?
  6. I don't feel confident about this one, for some reason, 9 wins in a row just seems mental..., but it's hard to see us not scoring. 1-2 victory - a cagey affair.
  7. A wonderfully gifted footballer, a great lad, we're immensely lucky to have him.
  8. He's a wonderful footballer, and a great lad. We're so lucky to have him.
  9. Must be one of the few universally loved commentators. RIP, the man made F1 exciting where races were often dull.
  10. Due to our points advantage, you could look at it as 7 games.
  11. The gap to 3rd place is all that really matters, and that hasn't changed. It would be nice to win the league, but Swansea winning both their games in hand doesn't worry me too much.
  12. The other thing about Emi, is he not the player we fear losing the most? We stuggle so much without him. That makes him MVP for me.
  13. It's Emi for me. Such an incredibly gifted player, an all time Canary hero now. Skipp of course is a worthy mention, Pukki has been great too. But Emi is the best player in the league.
  14. A champions performance from us tonight, looked so comfortable in the second half. Emi pure class, Pukki a constant nuisance. One foot in the prem. I do hope Brentford join us, they're an easy club to like - love the way they're run.
  15. The other games don't really matter anymore. Amazing.
  16. Big typo in the title, should say King Kenny.
  17. Solid performance, one foot in the prem. I really hope Brentford join us though, I like the way the club does its business
  18. Shame to not have Cantwell, but we've won challenging games with far more injuries than this.
  19. Brentford haven't looked as convincing of late, I think they're there for the taking. It'll be close, a draw is likely but I'm going 2-1 Norwich.
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