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  1. Everyone needs to unite against this, I would be very happy to see our players make a statement by wearing shirts like the Leeds players did.
  2. Yes I did, that's a statement. I've already clarified that I'm not concerned about the fans plural issue, these are special circumstances, it's my opinion and clearly a popular one. And for me, Goreham and Butler as brilliant as they are have not rivaled what the TNC boys have done.
  3. You're asking questions you already know the answer to.
  4. Dock them all 40 points now, ban any player who takes part in a SL from the international team. Fans should storm the pitches in a non violent way and stop the games until this awful power grab is stopped.
  5. Odd season, special circumstances. It doesn't bother me and many others. They're fans, and they've been incredible, that's what counts.
  6. Voted TNC, the way they've brought fans together on watchalongs has helped bridge the gap (not fully) of not being at the stadium. It's been very fun being part of the stream which is full of good humour, banter and plenty of singing and chants, over a 1000k watching every stream. They've been superb
  7. Stopped listening to 606 ages ago, Savage is not a thinking man, all of his opinions are superficial, he makes sensationalist points to get attention, there's never any depth to any of his arguments, and whenever he's called out or challenged, he resorts to childish insults and deflection. He's just like Piers Morgan. People like Savage are why football podcasts, live streams and fan channels are growing.
  8. I think they'll be okay, but I can understand they're a little nervous, it's not that far-fetched that they could lose to us & Brentford and drop points against Swansea. That said, I don't think the others will win all their games, so Watford are just about there.
  9. Skipp winning POTS would be the only award Spurs have had in many generations.
  10. Amazing the difference a goal makes one way or the other, had Derby equalised, it would only be one win in four for us
  11. Saw the topic title, immediately thought of Mario Vrancic.
  12. So that's the automatics sorted, those goals from Sarr were top class last night. The Watford game at Carrow Road is something to look forward to, two teams in great form.
  13. The disgusting racism has been covered well by legends like Henry and Ian Wright, there's no excuse for it ever. But I also wanted to add something about the impact social media hate has on young players like Cantwell. He gets a lot of abuse on social media and it's an absolute disgrace. He's a young lad who's worked hard, improved his abilities hugely and been instrumental in our success. This season is particularly tough for young lads like Todd who have grown up in the social media era. They don't know any different and in empty stadiums, the only fan reaction they see is on social media, they're missing out on the adulation they'd normally get in the stadium, the adulation they deserve. So who can blame Todd if he occasionally lashes out at pathetic online cowardly trolls. I hope the lads get a huge parade in front of the fans in the City, they've given us something to smile about in lockdown.
  14. Twitter is a cesspit - it gives validation to people who aren't worthy of a platform, you can tweet fake news, abuse and hateful content and get thousands of clicks. Before its existence, the lonely losers that use the platform to abuse people could only shout at the TV in their parents spare bedroom. If I were a coach, i'd tell my players to delete it, never use Twitter again, the negatives far outweigh any benefits.
  15. There's no way I'd swap Maddison for Emi right now. In my time of watching Norwich, 1992 onwards, I don't think we've had a more technically gifted player.
  16. This was an appropriate application of a legendary quote, probably the best I've seen
  17. You make a good point, but I think the chasing pack has run out of steam, I think the threshold will be lower this year. If it does end up being enough, then it'll be 4 in 8 seasons, a 50% chance, not so unlikely. Promotion after Bournemouth seems very likely though.
  18. I don't think we need another point to secure at least 2nd, a win tonight would seal it for sure though.
  19. 2-1 to City but I'm worried about the defence
  20. Let's just pray Hanley stays fit or we're totally screwed
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