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  1. So basically, keep Emi against his will. Yeah, that'll work...
  2. He doesn't owe you anything. Anyone surprised by this is a fool.
  3. Grealish is leaving for sure, he wants champions League football.
  4. People hoping for 50 mill + for a championship player are living in cloud cuckoo land
  5. You also won't find a set of similar circumstances. Normally bigger clubs wait and see if newly promoted players will perform at PL level, Emi proved that in the last PL campaign and would have left a year ago were it not for the financial impact of Covid. He was always on borrowed time
  6. Emi was always on borrowed time. In a Covid free year, we'd have sold him a year ago. I agree that villa feels a bit uninspiring, but it is a step up for him, I hate to admit it, but it's true. Also in the current market, 35 mill is realistic. At least we've done the business early and have time to replace him.
  7. Not a very ambitious move from Emi, very underwhelming. But good luck to him.
  8. Farke out, being the best team in the league just isn't enough
  9. Gutting for him, such a great guy, so sad to see him miss out like this.
  10. Brentford still very hard to beat, only lost 7 like us, score a lot of goals. That run of draws really hurt them, they must be kicking themselves to have not grabbed 2nd place.
  11. Brentford for me, I like they way they're run and enjoy watching them. Though I'd be happy for Barnsley to do it.
  12. Maybe we could sign him to replace Emi if he leaves.
  13. Lovely gesture from Farke, feel emotional knowing it's the last time we'll see Mario and Tettey.
  14. Not me, he's one of the best English footballers ever. I take no joy in him struggling.
  15. 30 point deduction next season and a 2 year ban from CL.
  16. Mario "Moments" Vrancic. Whenever I think of him, I think of big moments; goals or epic through balls that clinched big points. Thanks for the amazing memories Mario.
  17. All nominees were deserving. Congratulations to the TNC boys.
  18. Jeez there are some grumpy sods on here, looking to turn any positive story into a negative.
  19. Ban all 6 clubs from the CL for 2 years. If anything, the clubs should embrace such a punishment seeing as they didn't want to be in the CL.
  20. Really like the Keeper shirt, would actually work quite well for more casual wear
  21. It's not even a surprise to see him save one anymore, he's incredible.
  22. Pretty decent of the club to launch it on TNC's 24hr charity stream too, so far over 20k has been raised for Big C
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