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  1. With Grealish, Emi and Watkins, Villa could get top 8, that's why he's gone there.
  2. Contracts ensure players can't leave for free, nothing more. A player that is both unhappy and wants to leave should be no way near the starting 11.
  3. We didn't need to sell Emi. He wanted to leave, others may too and there's sod all we can do about it. That's the current world of football
  4. This is such a silly argument. Had that incident happened in the first game of the season, nobody would make such ridiculous claims. You stay up due to your performance over the course of a whole season. You could look at any team and pick out examples where results were impacted by good and bad luck.
  5. You will if they get relegated, the difference is we kept Emi for an extra year. Few people seem to be grasping we're in a totally different situation to Brentford. Emi wanted to leave a year ago, the impact of Covid stopped it. We got an extra year, when in normal circumstances, he'd have been sold. We'll see what happens with Sarr. Nobody will bid 35 mill for Toney yet, he's not proved he can do it in the prem.
  6. Thank god you're here to let us all know. Amazingly, nobody has said this yet...
  7. Good post, you've got yourselves one hell of a fine player. I don't think many in the Prem have more natural talent than Emi. In my opinion, he's the best I've seen in a Norwich shirt, in my lifetime as a fan I wish him all the best at Villa. Grealish and Emi in the same team is quite an amazing prospect.
  8. One of the finest players to wear our shirt, a magical player who I'll never forget. Thanks for all the amazing memories Emi. A club legend.
  9. Those with their eyes open knew this was coming for the past year. He wanted out, we sold him, that's how it works.
  10. You're either an Ipswich fan or a crappy fan, both equally lame, spending your free time on a forum spewing bile and hate. Get a new hobby, get healthy.
  11. I'm not bothered about Leeds fans one way or the other. All fans give it the same. We're no better or worse.
  12. You're ignoring the unique circumstances brought on by Covid. It's not their first outing in the prem with Norwich, they're now at a different stage of their career, they're not unknown entities anymore, they've proved they can perform in the PL. If Brentford go down, do you think they'll keep Toney? (Provided he has a good year)
  13. Diddums, you can't handle a bit of banter, enjoy your hatred. I wish Emi all the best. He's a Canary legend
  14. God this board is lame. "Firesale". No, a firesale would have been to flog them all off on the cheap when we got relegated. But we managed to keep our stars and return to the Prem. The impact of Covid gave us another year with Emi - be grateful we had him for as long as we did
  15. Nobody is going to pay 50+ mill for an established championship player that's had one outing in the premier league and scored 1 goal. Those valuations of Grealish and Madders mean nothing unless somebody actually bids, it's just pie in the sky.
  16. Perhaps if you pull your head out of the sand you'll notice that there was a pandemic that meant we were able to keep Emi for an extra year, under normal circumstances, he'd have been sold when we were relegated. Be grateful we didn't flog him off to Arsenal for 16 mill a year ago. Emi was on borrowed time, in a freak set of circumstances.
  17. Another childish topic. Anyone who boos Emi is an ungrateful idiot. He owes us nothing. We should be happy for him.
  18. This is such an embarrassing topic for us. There's no reason to hate Villa. Delete.
  19. So basically, keep Emi against his will. Yeah, that'll work...
  20. He doesn't owe you anything. Anyone surprised by this is a fool.
  21. Grealish is leaving for sure, he wants champions League football.
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