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  1. Just now, king canary said:

    I know. When we sold Godfrey and Lewis, both of whom were considered our young stars. 

    Both replaceable players, which were part of a dreadful defence, to which we can cleary see has been much stronger without them. Nobody was worried about them leaving. 

    Keeping Buendia, Cantwell, Aarons and Pukki was key to promotion, they were the stars.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Yellow and Green said:

    In a way, I agree and it is pretty much unprecedented for a promoted club to do what we're doing. The closest I can think of is Southampton selling Mane, VVD etc.

    The only thing I can say to counteract it is, assuming Todd were to be sold for 33 million like Emi was, we would have 66 million (plus our original budget) to spend on the squad, which is equally unprecedented for ncfc. We haven't spent anywhere near that in our history. 

    We just have to have faith that Webber knows what he is doing. 


    Our position of being promoted, relegated (while keeping all of our stars due to a once in several generations pandemic ) and promoted again is unprecedented. 

    We got an extra year out of Emi, Todd and Max. Without Covid, they'd have left last summer, we know that Em and Todd wanted to. 

    The club has done it's best. But Villa is an exciting prospect for the like of Todd and Emi, it's a step up.


  3. Christ you lot are still crying over the Buendia sale? He wanted out, nobody other than Villa put a serious bid in. An unhappy player isn't worth keeping. Move on, the club did decent business with the Buendia sale, a man that hasn't actually proved himself to be a Premier League player. 

    Buendia is not the second coming, we got relegated with him last time in the Prem and he scored just 1 goal all season. 

  4. 17 hours ago, Petriix said:

    His legs had already gone by the time we bought him. He wasn't getting a game for Everton and didn't have what we needed either physically or mentally. I'm fairly certain that at the time our recruitment was rather impulse driven rather than the current stats and attributes based approach: 'Aye, he's a good lad' was Alex Neil's answer to performance analysis.

    While I will maintain that selling Buendia was the best business we've ever done, buying Naismith was undoubtedly the worst. We signed him on a 3.5 year deal reportedly with no relegation wage reduction clause in January 2016 so we were still paying him one of our biggest ever salaries for two years after we were relegated until we paid him off for the final year, presumably stumping up the majority of his wages due.

    Over £15m in total blown. It nearly bankrupt us and stands as a stark lesson for all those who claim we 'lack ambition' by refusing to make the same mistake again.

    Here here. Spot on.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, NorthCarolinaYellow said:

    Among others ... in <4 years we've gone from Marcel Franke at CB to Ben Gibson, from James Husband at LB to Dimitris Giannoulis!! The plan is WORKING. Everything is amazing!!!!!! It's a fantastic time to be a Norwich City fan and we should wake up each and every day with smiles on our faces!



    Don't bring your positivity here, this is a place where people like to wallow in misery and pour scorn over all that is good. 

    You're right though, Norwich City are amazing, and we should all be immensely proud and happy with how we're doing. But you can't please everyone hey.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Jim Smith said:

    Nonsense. Firstly nobody is advocating a reckless spend lots of money you haven’t hot approach. There is a middle ground. Secondly clubs of our size and with our level of support just don’t cease to exist. Someone steps in. Worst case scenario is a Bolton or a Pompey and no doubt we will be in the same league as those clubs at some point in the next decade. 

    Nothing to worry about then, I'm sure none of you will be whining if we do a Bolton 🙄 

    They are advocating reckless spend. The middle ground some people want is still out of our reach. We can't even afford to re-sign many our own players, or Bournemouth's stars, that's the reality. 


  7. 16 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Pompey are always a really interesting one when people discuss ambition.

    On one hand they've spent the last decade in the bottom two leagues and have experienced huge financial difficulties.

    However, since the turn of the millennium, they've had the same amount of Premier League seasons as us (7 vs 7), have a higher finishing position than we've managed (8th vs 11th), two FA Cup finals, one FA Cup win and have played in Europe.

    I'm not saying the earlier 10 years makes the later 10 years worth it but there is certainly a part of me that would take watching my team lift the FA Cup in exchange for the risk of a few years in League One. 

    The risk isn't just limited to League One, it could be financial ruin and no club. 

    We could spend 100 mill next season, quadruple the wage bill, but we'd still be favourites for the bottom 3, only this time, the consequences of relegation could be devastating. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Kenny Foggo said:

    The minute you said "you should support another club" I stopped reading, as no one, especially some random stranger on a forum, tells me that. When you've done at least 3 seasons home and away including Friendlies, see us win and lose at Wembley in competition for trophies, been abroad, stood on the River End, see us finish 3rd in premiership..... its my club you don't get to say otherwise. I have seen excitement and drama you probably couldn't cope with...

    And despite your wealth of exposure you still don't get it....

    P.S you did read my whole post.

  9. 10 hours ago, Kenny Foggo said:

    Ah the insults... When you state an ambition, you set the target / highlight what you would most want to achieve. For example, I'd like to win a cup or I'd like to be in the top 10. Our club, have stated on many occasions that our ambition is Top 26. Zoe Ward 2019 said it... If they hit top 26, everyone can pay themselves on the back. I, along with countless others, think it should be higher. 

    Ever heard of the term, shoot for the stars you might land on the moon... Ours seems to be, let's see if we can get a bus to Wymondham.

    Try to keep it civil, there's a good chap! 

    You're supporting the wrong club, you should be grateful for how we're run. It's amazing. Most Norwich fans actually think they've been spoilt over the last decade or so, lots of promotions, drama, great players, late goals - rarely ever is it  boring, most clubs in the pyramid would kill to be in our position. 

    We all want top 10, but appreciate that under the current football structure, it's nearly impossible, outside a plucky one-off like Sheffield U. We don't have the money, and I'd rather keep the soul of my club intact than sell it to some oil tycoon with shady connections that do business in a human rights hell hole. The reality is, even Arsenal can no longer attract top players. But hell, we could break the bank, 35 mill gets you a player like Emi but spend another 10 mill and you get greatness like Timo Werner...

    Norwich City FC has tons of ambition, but its measured, and intertwined with reality, our over all objective is being sustainable, not being a Portsmouth or countless others that have been wreckless and can only dream of being in our position.


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  10. 6 hours ago, Kenny Foggo said:

    We have zero ambition beyond looking good and being respected in the community. Those are not bad in themselves but really need to be matched on the pitch, which, to me seems to be more and more becoming secondary by the day.


    6 hours ago, Uncle Fred said:

    We all know our club has zero ambition and won’t have under the current ownership 

    why would any player with ambition to win a big trophy ever stay or join us

    God you lot are a grumpy bunch

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