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  1. Just now, norfolkngood said:

    11 games last season he played in the PL , can he do it in the PL or can he just do in the championship ?

    i am counting the pl games as that is the league we are in now 

    To be fair, the whole team was dire at the end of the last item season. 

    Pukki has earned the right for a few more games


  2. On 31/08/2021 at 15:17, Hardhouse44 said:

    Firstly well done to the board for securing the 2 signings over the last 2 day. They have clearly seen our need for strengthening those positions and rightly obtained what appears to be 2 players capable of playing there. 

    I still fear we are missing a vital ingredient for survival and that is premiership experience. 
    Just one or two players who know how to win enough in this league to survive who have decent premiership experience would I feel really increase our chances of staying up. 

    If we’re all honest for a moment we know very little if not in many cases nothing about the players we’ve signed. We certainly don’t know there premiership capabilities. 
    We are in effect rolling the dice. We don’t know really whether we will roll fives and sixes or a load of ones and twos. 
    to keep that analogy going if only we could have picked up a premiership experienced 3 or 4 I feel we would be really much better placed. 
    A player or 2 that can help the other guys new and old adapt to the premiership, even helping with game management something I feel Farke struggles with. 

    I’m sure this will make me very unpopular but I don’t see a squad capable of surviving even with the new signings. Lack of knowledge of the players may be the reason for that but what I’ve seen so far we are under gunned, too green and a little disorganised. 

    Will you be coughing up the 35 mill it costs to buy one average premier league striker? 

    We have no means to buy experienced Prem players...well unless they're over the hill.

  3. TalkSport is just clickbait and Wickes adverts, not sure why anyone listens to it...I'm not sure many do. They're now surplus to requirements, most clubs have fan channels, club supporting journalists (Bailey in our case) that provide far more in-depth and insightful coverage of a club's activities. TS is getting desperate, as Jack Reeve said, it's the Piers Morgan style of journalism. I just laugh as they expose themselves as being utterly clueless and incompetent. 

  4. Just now, king canary said:

    I know. When we sold Godfrey and Lewis, both of whom were considered our young stars. 

    Both replaceable players, which were part of a dreadful defence, to which we can cleary see has been much stronger without them. Nobody was worried about them leaving. 

    Keeping Buendia, Cantwell, Aarons and Pukki was key to promotion, they were the stars.

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