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  1. We will get 2 points at the most. Should have sacked Farke after Watford.
  2. I never thought I'd see us play worse than we did after Project Restart, but hey, we've reached new highs!
  3. This could be the most embarrassing season for a team in premier league history. The only thing more embarrassing would be losing to us
  4. I'd give him 3 more games and I'm sure Webber is already assessing his options. This decline cannot continue.
  5. Pukki is the only one doing his job at the moment. As always, he can be trusted to deliver.
  6. We needed another topic like this
  7. We expected to lose the first 4 games, we lost the 4 games. It's going to plan. We'll beat Watford and then the season starts
  8. To be fair, the whole team was dire at the end of the last item season. Pukki has earned the right for a few more games
  9. Pretty sure Farke knows better than us. He sees them in training, he knows the players better. Trust him.
  10. Will you be coughing up the 35 mill it costs to buy one average premier league striker? We have no means to buy experienced Prem players...well unless they're over the hill.
  11. Just wait till we get some injuries and you'll be glad we signed them
  12. One thing we can be sure of, Webber will be working his a** off to sign a CDM, fingers crossed he lands one.
  13. TalkSport is just clickbait and Wickes adverts, not sure why anyone listens to it...I'm not sure many do. They're now surplus to requirements, most clubs have fan channels, club supporting journalists (Bailey in our case) that provide far more in-depth and insightful coverage of a club's activities. TS is getting desperate, as Jack Reeve said, it's the Piers Morgan style of journalism. I just laugh as they expose themselves as being utterly clueless and incompetent.
  14. He'd score 25 league goals for Man City, easily.
  15. We didn't anyone mention that we sold Emi sooner?
  16. Here we go again, I remember when people said the same about Grant Holt and Wessi. Pukki will be fine, he'll score the goals to keep us up.
  17. I will cheer them on, the racist abuse aimed at our EURO 2020 heroes & Lewis Hamilton show there's still a big problem.
  18. Why would anyone laugh at Villa. They're probably going to challenge for the top 6.
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