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  1. What a disaster for you lot. Im only being honest. You have a donkey of a goalkeeper, I thought that when I saw them goals against Everton. Nothing compared to Forster who looked to be fair brilliant for you lot. Hoolahan is with the big boys now and looked out of his depth. No service to Jackson who doesnt look too convincing anyway. Gaps everywhere. I have to laugh cos some of you fans had us down as relegation fodder. For a start Casper Ankergren who we let go was better than Cruddy.!! Yes, lets see how Leeds do tomorrow but all I do know is that we looked better than both teams on that pitch tonight and win or lose we  wont play like Norwich did tonight. You looked out of your depth in this league and you cant blame it on ´what happened last year´´ cos u have a better manager dont ya???
  2. [quote user="The Chirp"]first and foremost it''s the end of the current season... 99% of all that is said in the papers, on websites etc is from agents trying to up the % and journalists struggling to find something to write about. I am not convinced Leeds will have bucket loads of money and in anycase... Leeds will have to sign at least 3 or 4 new players to get to our level anyway. Frazer is likely to come here but if he doesn''t, there are some very good keepers out there who would love to play for Norwich City. [/quote]   Hence why Leeds have got rid of 6 players immediately. Likewise Norwich will need to make 5 or 6 signings to make top 6 next season. Someone said on here that Frazer has said he will only go back on loan at Norwich. How many players say one thing and do another? Leeds is only an hr and half down the road from Newcastle. Im convinced that if we are after him then its a definate food for thought. Leeds don´t have bucket loads of cash, Bates said we have in the region of 6m to spend which is about right.
  3. nothing. But that goal that got us up from him was worth it.
  4. Leeds won every game when he didn''t feature this season. If we had stayed down losing Beckford would have been a bigger loss.At least now Leeds can attract a decent striker for that league and there''s quite a few to choose from.
  5. Im only giving friendly banter. yes the thread was a joke seeing as the other blew up in my face. I do think Leeds will do quite well though this season just because the wheels are put in motion already to try and at least compete for a playoff place.
  6. Leeds mean business that''s why.Gaffer is looking for 6-8 new players to compete in the championship. you might snigger at Hughes but he''s done very well this year and earned himself a new deal. oh and Kandol is gash.
  7. What makes me laugh is you actually think you will challenge for promotion and we will go down. We are debt free now and not the shambled team that took us down in the first place. I fully expect us to keep half the players and build around that,same as what Forest and Leicester have done. you dont have too much cash., on the same token we are not on the brink of admin as we were in the championship. We were in free fall from the prem and the first play off final and still in serious trouble. All that is long long gone. We have also wiped the ''bottling'' fear from our minds not just by winning but winning with 10 men even with a goal down. I would hazzard a guess nearly everybody on this board had us losing the game and finishing 3rd when Brizzle rovers were 1up. Leeds in the championship were a team on the down, we are now a team on the up and that game yesterday will stick in the team''s mind for next season.
  8. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]You managed to JUST scramble over the finish line and then come back to gloat abour money this Beckford that.....COCK!!! We knew we were promoted and Champions weeks ago lol....look forward to taking 6 easy points from you lot nxt season....i do hopw you lot go str8 back down...im sure we would of seen the last of you then!!!!! YOU ONLY SING WHEN YA WINNIN [/quote] I dont think so. Leeds will be a different outfit next year and will invest to push for at least the playoffs. Even mid table is doubtful to be honest. I dont care you were the champions.It went un noticed and was confined solely to your stadium. our promotion was made a big thing of thats why it pissed off Lambert. We made more cash than you, a lot more.We had top end ticket prices and we still had the biggest club gates in the league, 4 games which boasted 38,000 with Liverpool,Spurs,Huddersfield and Bristol rovers visiting plus well over a mill from the cup runs. I cant see norwich spending at all next season and will have to rely on the likes of Holt who im unsure will cut it next season.
  9. I was banned. otherwise I would be gladly writing this under Spainboy username, believe me. Loads on here were asking if id buried myself cos i hadnt been on and your mod failed to mention to u all that they banned me.
  10. didnt i just say that. our headlines are clearly bigger than yours
  11. Lets get one thing cleared up. The reason I havent posted for ages is because I was banned ages ago. well ok Im the first to admit I was wrong to make the thread about u getting 2nd spot at the very best'' you got promotion,you are the champions and congrats for that. However now we have acheived the same as you and done so with over 60 games played,beaten Man utd in the process and made a shed loads of cash on the cup runs. We gambled also on Beckford,if he still goes this summer then the gamble has been paid off getting us the winner. The sweet thing is we were down to 10 men,with a goal down and still won. To me you couldnt write the script and our attention for that has been bigger than you lifting the trophy. Like your manager, grayson has done well even if we had to rely on others messing up but thats their fault not ours. Enjoy your season.no doubt i will be banned again but im not too bothered. Ive had my banter with you in league one and the rest will be pointless. Im just going to enjoy what bigger signings will be coming our way with the cash we have made from cup runs and delph to hopefully challenge again as Leicester and forest have done.
  12. Millwall have been dire recently,so has Swindon,Leeds have won 3 but were 3-0 down at one point to gillingham of which they clawed it back to 3-2. I was working for the Charlton game so i cannot comment how well they played despite us winning(although i heard we were dire) and Leeds need to go there. With the 3 remaining fixtures for the teams above and say you had a 100 pound free bet who would you back to grab second.?
  13. Funny thing is Leeds have more chance of beating Gillingham than we have beating charlton, maybe only just looking at their home record but Charlton are not high up in the table for no reason. If this is the case then our massive gap will be down to 3 points with 9 left to play.Leeds will then be the form team going into the run in. I think if this is the case Leeds have a realistic chance of nicking 1st spot but then of course they would have to beat Charlton. Cant believe they have started winning since they dropped their best goal scorer. Always knew that Beckford was bad news. I think a lot of teams are better off without him to be honest.
  14. Pretty much agree with that. If we beat Charlton today or scrape a draw then I can see them being out of the race,just, for top 2. If Leeds beat gillingham who are one of the best teams at home then Leeds will claim at least second spot in may. A lot depends on how charlton play cos both norwich and Leeds need to play them
  15. Hi. first time poster so go easy on me.lol Which players would you like us to keep when we go up,hopefully today and also now there are only 4 games left and Millwall having a slight wobble which other team can you now honestly see going up with us.?
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