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  1. The difference in the last 2 games is that we''ve held a bit higher defensive line, allowed the full backs forward on occasion, pressed and harried the opposition at every opportunity and attacked quickly without any messing around which is exactly what I''ve been wanting to see all season. That''s how we played last season, it''s a myth that we were gung ho, we just conceded a lot of goals because of our poor defenders. This is the BALANCED approach that suits our team gets goals and now with our quality defensive personnel will keep a lot more out than we did in Lamberts season.
  2. Good riddance to Halsey after this. You just know an away side coming to CR would have got at least one of those penalty decisions and we''d have had a player off for the Milner challenge. I''m so sick of having to watch us play every game handicapped!
  3. Anyone else think the green parts at the sides of the shirt were designed specifically to make Holt look slimmer after his comments in the paper? xD
  4. Anyone else thing the green parts at the sides of the shirt were designed specifically to make Holt look slimmer after his comments in the paper? xD
  5. Performance of the season so far? This is how we set up to play last year, a defensive line not constantly parked on the penalty box, aggressive pressing, fast direct passing kept on the floor and crossing at every opportunity. The fans love it, the team looks happy and motivated so why the hell haven''t we been playing this way all year!? We''d be safe by now!
  6. Of course it''s Hughtons fault! Everyone can see that I don''t understand why he gets so much stick, no other striker in the league with the exception of perhaps Suarez or RVP would have scored even 10 goals in this team this year! The football is so ineffective and unwatchable that we''ve become so jaded we''ve turned on a club legend and one of the best strikers in our history, it''s so sad, I can''t wait for this season to be over and Hughton and his team to be gone!
  7. Look what happens when you play positively and attack you get chances to score AND limit the oppositions chances by playing in their half...
  8. For a club like ours to survive in the Premiership year on year we have to have a good to exceptional manager who can always get the best out of players. Hughton is an average manager, good enough for most championship clubs, or could probably keep a bigger mid table prem side like Fulham at mid table year on year but he isn;t good enough for us! The reason he has no faith in our attacking players is because he can''t utilize them in the same way a good Manager like Lambert could. It''s his short comings that mean we needed to destroy our attractive and effective style of play from the past few years. He has a good eye for a player and has brought some real quality to the squat BUT we still find ourselves teetering on the brink of relegation and looking like a shocking side in every game despite the quality of the players he''s brought in. He needs to go at the end of the season or we''ll go down next year for sure!
  9. Look at some of the quality in that Brighton team though, they should have walked that league this year, of course they play good football, with that caliber of player in that league they bloody well should. Whose to say if Poyet came here saw the same weaknesses in the squad Hughton sees and has to set us up the same way. I don''t actually think his tactics have been the problem this year, more the coaching of the players, the fact we can no longer string 3 passes together as a Premiership side is criminal! That''s the reason most of our attacks break down! And I have to admit the players do look a lot less motivated than they did last year and seem to care about losing a lot less, which has been very worrying, I''m hoping it''s just because most of them know they''re getting replaced next year and isn''t because they''re not being managed correctly. Hughton in until at least half way through next year, I don''t want him out but to be honest I wish we got someone else last summer.
  10. What would be the point in signing a top player like RVW at one end of the pitch only to let another quality player like Ruddy go at the other end for only a couple more million than RVW? Bunn is adequate cover but isn''t going to save us a significant amount of points like Ruddy can with world class saves. For as many points as we''d gain with RVW goals think about how many we''d lose without Ruddy at the back! If he had to go £15m would be the absolute minimum + one of their fringe players
  11. He should refund all the traveling fans money! They paid to see a competitive sports match not a scripted play, him and the spineless ref have robbed those fans today who paid extortionate money to see something other than what was on show. Absolutely disgusting!
  12. No, so they can tell the world how the Ref *actually got it all right and talk for 20 minute about how Arsenal might be able to catch Spurs
  13. I''ve always liked Warnock to be honest, he always gets worked up and wants to beat us so badly because we rejected him as a manager but I''ve always respected him for having the balls to say how he really feels in post match interviews and at Championship level he''s a good manager!
  14. Not if the powers that be decide we''re not going to win. It doesn''t matter what we do the result is pre decided. I predict Norwich 1-3 Reading (Holt) (Le Fondre-Pen, Pen, Pen)
  15. The FA want us out of it, we don''t generate enough interest or money for them. I''m sick to death of it now, it''s like watching a scripted film not sport
  16. The FA are the ones controlling all of this, they want us out of the league.
  17. They didn''t think or see anything they were told to ensure Arsenal came away with the 3 points. It was as simple as that
  18. [quote user="NWC"]I hope he gets cancer ????you need to give yourself a reality check mate![/quote] Yes, that cheating piece of sh!t I hope he fu(king dies
  19. I am fuck!ng sick of this type of shit now. We would have NEVER GOT A DECISION LIKE THAT
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