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  1. Napoli in ItalyBVB Dortmund and FC St. Pauli in Germany-  will have to hope for 2 draws now that they are at same levelSeattle Sounders in MLS.Athletic Bilbao in La Liga
  2. I have seen so many movies involving time machines to know that it is a bad idea to be able to edit things and who knows what might happen to some of the board members if they even dare think about changing a sentence with a period at the ending rather than an exclamation mark.[:O]
  3. I was also curious about Zak and when he might be due to return. Glad this thread was already there.
  4. [quote user="IncH_HigH "]What car does everybody drive? Just curious.[:^)][/quote]as of last Wednesday, I have a 2010 Volkswagon Golf.  It is my 4th straight Volkswagon. I can''t help it. I like their cars.[:$]
  5. [quote user="Harry"]I don''t see why certain areas of the ground can''t be designated as standing areas but you still pay for your seat and leave the seats in place, at Carrow Road we could easily have the Lower Barclay and Lower N&P as standing areas without affecting the view of people who want to sit and would probably create a better atmosphere.[/quote]they do that with the American MLS squad from Seattle who has as close to a European like atmosphere at their matches. The sections for the more "hardcore" supporters is well advertised that most, if not all, people will be standing so supporters that want to sit know not to get a ticket there.
  6. I am definitely bookmarking this thread to assist me for when I eventually make my first visit. [:D]
  7. Loved that kid''s suit!  It must have been scary worrying about needing to use the bathroom though.[:O]
  8. [quote user="Bobert"]In general no one likes anyone who is different. Its the same thoughout nature and its not just yobs. I remember reading here in Australia about a man who was arrested in a shopping centre by police on the grounds of indecent exposure. He was wearing a leotard.[/quote]I am about 75% covered with very nicely done tattoo work. I have had a nice job for almost 15 years. Prior to that I did really well in college just after serving 4 years in the US army stationed overseas.Still with that, I once had a lady ask me how long I had been in prison while walking around in a grocery store due to the artwork despite the fact that I have never had any trouble short of a speeding ticket.[:D]
  9. [quote user="JJJJ"]Brilliant idea if you ask me, finance permitting. Of course, money will be needed to take out the seats, install safe standing areas and barriers. But on the other hand, this will allow more people into the same space, and since terracing adds to the atmosphere I''d be willing to say more casual fans and those without season tickets would want to make more games for the added atmosphere. And since more people could occupy the same area, we may even see a reduction in ticket prices (hopefully!) and the club could still take in more cash. Many people have been discussing cheaper tickets too, so its good all round it seems. Then again, I know nothing about how much any of this would cost, or exactly how many more people could be fitted into a standing area rather than a seated one, so apologies if everything I''ve said is horribly wrong![/quote]It definitely helps with ticket costs in the Bundesliga.
  10. I haven''t seen the picture of him at the match but if it truly was similar to that seen in the movie Kick ass, it had to be super cool!
  11. Well, I am definitely one of the most new supporters on this forum as I have only been following Norwich since very early last season. the stars just aligned at the right time where I had access to some rare matches on Setanta US and being late to the game when it came to streaming matches online.I had no interest in the majority of the clubs currently in the EPL especially the Big 4.  The league is way too much about the money and way too easy to predict.I will admit that I enjoy watching football in various European countries.  That said in the UK, I quickly heard how interesting the Championship was so it started my curiosity in the various lower leagues.  It definitely was entertaining. I forget what it was but I saw a Norwich match early in the season by streaming and I was highly entertained by their style of play.I quickly started researching what I could about the history.  Granted, I saw more ups than downs last season but growing up with sports teams in Michigan and Ohio, I am used to going through tons of stress when it comes to supporting a team.The little kid in me will also tell you that those damn bright yellow kits stood out to me as well. :)I only have this year''s kit as I got it as soon as they were available at end of last season along with one scarf. I know that many would say that it is just another American who doesn''t understand the club or might just go to the next big thing.  That might be true for many people but I just know whatever the many reasons that brought my attention to this wonderful club, I am here now and you can''t get rid of me.  :) I know I can''t wait to hear all the stories of the many of you who have been going to matches for many years![H]
  12. [quote user="Bobert"][quote user="the king"]Howdy there Sean!Welcome to the world of jolly old English soooooccerball! Word of advice - when attending your first game down at the carrow road arena, note it is customary for a first time matchgoer to start off the "Muscat is King" sing a long! Daunting maybe, but great fun too!Hope you get to nor fork soon and goooooo team![/quote] Just to confuse you and prove that soccer is a "world game" Kevin Muscat is Australian and plays soccer in Melborne, Australia and plays in the national side. He has been described thus: "Muscat is an absolute disgrace as a human being, let alone as a professional footballer". It is also said that he is "King in the Land of c**ts". I would not be surprised to find his name in the OED one day!     [/quote] I know I am confused.  I still have to learn some of the Norwich songs before my first visit. :)
  13. [quote user="Nolly"]Just another thought for you to keep up to date on the latest news.  On the clubs website www.canaries.co.uk they have a thing called canary player.  Its a subscription thing but has news, highlights, commentary from games on it. I can''t say i know what its like as i''ve never tried it (maybe someone else can advise?) but may be worth a look for you. I''m sure others have mentioned as well, when you do decide a date for coming over, might be worth contacting the club beforehand.  I''m sure they would help with any details you need. As for the Lions and Browns, well certainly the Lions cant see them getting to the superbowl for some time (more chance of us winning the premier league!! lol)  Still wont be long and well find out, hate the  fact that Favre is still with the Vikings! [/quote]Hey, the Lions have made it to the game before the Super Bowl once in my life time and the Browns 3 times. I hope it happens before I move on. ha ha.I will check out the canary player. :)
  14. I like that site. I haven''t seen if http://www.footytube.com would have them or if that just focuses on the top level leagues in each country.
  15. Well, I only have last season and a few matches of experience when it comes to Norwich City so I have a long way to catch up with anyone in the City fan base but I am a quick learner. :)As for the sport in general, I am one of those select few Americans that grew up playing the sport yet didn''t give up on the sport once they hit their teen years. I am just glad that we have a few tv channels that show football played both stateside as well as overseas as we definitely didn''t have that growing up over here.With that along with the chance to stream matches online, it is much easier for kids and adults to keep up with most clubs.
  16. [quote user="the king"]Howdy there Sean!Welcome to the world of jolly old English soooooccerball! Word of advice - when attending your first game down at the carrow road arena, note it is customary for a first time matchgoer to start off the "Muscat is King" sing a long! Daunting maybe, but great fun too!Hope you get to nor fork soon and goooooo team![/quote] CRAP, I am on the forum for one day and already I have homework already![:O]
  17. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="AzTattooedsean"]Is there any thread on this forum where forum members post pictures of themselves so you know what everyone looks like?[/quote]   You can go on here and have a look [:)] Facebook (5) | Pinkun m/b   Oh and welcome to the boards [:D][Y] [/quote]woohoo, I am on facebook as well so thanks! :)
  18. [quote user="Nolly"]welcome to the madhouse that is the Pinkun forums.  Always glad to find a new City fan, you''ll always get a warm welcome whenever you do come over. You''ll have to pace yourself though, no stoppages every few minutes over here lol  How are the Cards looking for the new season, any chance of playoffs/superbowl?  Personally i like the Packers, similar colours of cause :) [/quote]While I am a new supporter for Norwich City, I have been following the sport since I started playing it when I was 10 in 1980.  I followed the old NASL over here. I was mostly a World Cup watcher early on but I got hooked with the Bundesliga as a weekly this week in the Bundesliga introduced me to club football.Thankfully though within the last few years, I finally got cable tv and they have a handful of tv channels that show matches from England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and South America. We also get to see our own MLS on tv.  I don''t play the sport as much thanks to a stupid slightly messed up left knee.As for the no stoppages, I definitely have never had issues with that as I hate all the commercials for most American sports. ha ha. The Cardinals will be interesting to see if they still challenge for anything beyond just getting to the playoffs as their young quarterback takes over with the retirement of Kurt Warner.That said, I grew up in Michigan most of my life and I had most of my relatives in the Cleveland area so I grew up being both a Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns fan so if either one of them ever make it to the Super Bowl, I am then okay with life.
  19. Is there any thread on this forum where forum members post pictures of themselves so you know what everyone looks like?
  20. [quote user="Bobert"]I doubt you have ever seen the half time "entertainment" from Carrow Road screened in Arizona. It really is drival. I once saw half .time entertainment in Chicago at the North Western University Stadium (the Wild Cats). It really was magic with a marching band made up of serveral universites . There were hundreds of musicians on the pitch. There. was also the "warm up" session with 140 players on the pitch.all performing in unison. With your experience of the half time scene in the US AzTatto, through watching TV if nothing else, maybe you could come up with some ideas on Message Board for Carrow Rd half time that "Little old Norwich" could put into practice. Currently we have lads from the crowd trying to kick a football against the crossbar at the Barclay end! [/quote]ha ha. they have people trying to kick field goals at the American style football club here in Arizona.  The college teams have nice half time entertainment. I guess it is lucky that most people go to get more drink refreshments or to use the restrooms( I forget what they are called over there.)
  21. This is something, while I understand the reasoning, that I will never get used to when it comes to football over there in Europe. Over here in the States, I could go to almost all away matches of any sport wearing my team''s colors and except for good drunken jokes in each other''s direction I wouldn''t have to worry about being jumped unless I was a drunken fool. 
  22. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"][quote user="CDMullins"] Was this the kid in the green one of these....  http://www.morphsuits.com/   Nasty and uncalled for [/quote] It was more like this.......... [/quote] Well, City does "Kick Ass!"  :)
  23. [quote user="Destort"]Welcome to the site. I spent a couple of days getting lost in Arizona in April. Beautiful state.[/quote]what parts did you see?  It is wonderful weather wise except during the summer when only the sun''s surface is hotter.
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