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  1. ha ha ha ha ... Hope the food is good in the hostel son. Good night.
  2. What is all this fake profile crap? Who are you anyway? Morty? That really tells us who you are. What a knob. Care to tell us your name and address? Morty?
  3. Very good Morty. We all bow to your greater intelligence.
  4. Careful, GLJ you will be accused of begin a tosser. Morty knows best. He is probably studying sociology.
  5. Guys I am a a huge fan BUT I am amazed at being shot down by me fellow fans just because I dare predict that we wont make it. Even Graham agrees that I read the game the same as he did but still the insults fly. I hope I''m right but equally I''m glad I kept my identity quiet. You lot are a lynch mob.
  6. Well I have just got back from the Orient game. The only thing I was techincally wrong about was Drury. He played with an injection and not many people who saw the game would say it worked. Orient after an early goal closed down any space, that was made worse by us trying to play the diamond without Hula. It doesn''t work with Oli. So we tried a long ball game at Chrissy. Without space to bring the ball down it was lost, and Elliot looked like a fish out of water. No space means we need some width. We tried that, but too late and with little affect. And so my first prediction is right. We lost to Orient. Millwall and Leeds gained ground. We will lose to Charlton. Those that called me a pr@t and a toss@r may well wish they hadn''t. I know football and you don''t.
  7. I am a regular poster but don''t want to get the wrath of the board. I beleive that we wont go up and here is why. First, and I was trying to post this last week is that Grant Holt was obviously going to get booked against MK. We lose him for 2 games. We will lose them both. Second, I know on very good authority that Hoolahan is out for the season. As last year the club are hushing it up. he has a torn quad and wont feature again. Without Holt last time Wes came into his own. He wont now. We need the diamond to defeat defensive teams. It gives us width when our full backs can overlap as our midfield are narrow. Anthony cannot give us this. And, I can reveal that Drury is out for three weeks after the MK game. We wont beat Orient, or Charlton. Our only chance is for Leeds Swindon or Millwall to lose two of their remaining games...which I don''t believe they will. We will lose in the playoffs. So that''s it. I''ll bump this thread as we slip further down the the league.
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