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  1.  Have we in any game looked like we cant compete???? All so guys who are moaning about are front line, do you think are forwards look any worse then any other forwards that have played at carrow rd???? I think we are in good shape the only thing I would do is maybe give Jacko a longer run out playing along side holt.

    But happy days, OTBC!!!!!

  2. Sorry but lets trust lambert, he works with the players everyday in training and he picks he''s best squad for the game, so how come people on this site think they know more than him, it bull***t. Let him worry if the players are good enough to be on the pitch. We will no matter what have a player thats better then another, so in this case should we get on his back about it??????


    Lets try instead of spending time finding the negative''s in are team lets talk about the positives more.

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