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  1. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]

    Of course the other reason for the non-appearance of Askou maybe that having missed pretty much all of the 2nd half of the season through injury, they may think he is better served playing in two friendly matches this week?


    Well if you''re going to look at it with common sense I don''t know if I want to play any more... ;)

    In all seriousness I''m not sure I buy that entirely. Lambert has made a lot about how he wants the squad to bond together this week. If it was all about fitness why hasn''t Wes stayed after missing the last couple of months of the season? Likewise Ward?

  2. For me the message with Lappin seems to be much the same as Nelson - Good season in L1, would be ok in the Championship if our only ambition was to stay up, but if we want to push on we need a better player for your position - enter Surman and Ward our two most impressive summer signings.

    I like Lappin and think he''s underrated but is he good enough to drive us on to the next level? Lambert''s a nice guy but he has a realistic ruthless streak.

  3. I think if we''re sticking with the diamond we need a back up for Wes in the hole. Nobody we have can play there currently and Wes is always a target for hackers. It''d be a shame if the game plan for the season fell apart because some clogger did a Christian Dailly on Wes and we had to start patching things together and hoping.

    With a back up target man, a right winger and of course a keeper, I think we''re in a great position. Oh and if Jackson wants to join up as well, then what the hell, the more the merrier!

  4. Given that Lambert loaned in Rose rather than trust Wiggins to fill in, and he''s now brought in Smith on a permanent, I think it''s academic. If he''s not good enough to play in his specialist position he won''t be chucked into a less effective position. Personally I have no idea whether Wiggins is good, bad or indifferent, but Lambert has clearly decided he''s not good enough for L1 let alone the Championship.

  5. We were never really in the hunt for Bailey. His agent just chucked us and Southampton as linked clubs onto Sky Sports to drum up interest from clubs who pay higher wages to make them think "if a L1 team or someone like Norwich can afford him, it might be worth us having a look". And it worked!

  6. From all the things coming out of CR at the moment and particularly from Paul Lambert I wonder if we''re looking at a system switch away from the diamond.

    Ward is a centre-half that likes to bring the ball out of defence and pass it. Likewise Fox has been bought for his ability to spread the play. This would suggest that Lambert is looking to play with width. Would this see the end of Wes?

    As much as I rate Hoolahan I thinks there''s a legitimate concern that our diamond system is based around one player whom we have no back up for if he gets injured. And when that player is slight and a natural target for opposition cloggers I think it''s natural for the manager to consider at least a very strong Plan B.

    If this is the case, are we also going to add wingers now as well? We currently only have McNamee and Dawkin as natural wing options, but you have to wonder how much is left in the pot to bring these in!

  7. I''m with Rud on this one. We did do things incorrectly and we would be hacked off if someone did the same to us. We''ve had our punishment, all done.

    Cowling''s an embarrassing buffoon, and their fans must be feeling about him how we felt when Delia had her "Lets Be Avin You" moment. He''s a low level Del Boy who doesn''t deserve the attention of a club like ours and we''re only giving him oxygen he doesn''t deserve by continuing things.

    Colchester fans on the whole have always been ones we''ve got on with, if only for the shared antipathy towards Ipswich, and there''s no reason we can''t get on again. They have their share of keyboard warrior numpties trying to stoke things up, but we can''t judge them all by the idiots, just as we wouldn''t want all City fans judged by some of the posters on here!
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