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  1. Ambassador - Bor is a parody of Bly Bly Babes. Whoever is behind Bor is a knowledgeable sort as well as a comedian, and clearly responded to your original post with the opening half of his reply in a sensible insightful way. He then returned to his character for the latter half of his post. This wasn''t to take away from your post. You need to be a little less precious. Everybody who posts something worthwhile on here is disappointed with the response they get, but the more upset you get the more people will take the p!ss.
  2. Our results and performances haven''t been against Premiership opposition and that''s what the formation is designed for. European sides like Ajax and Monchengladbach are far more adept at facing this formation whereas our lads are getting used to playing it together so it''s no surprise that we''ve lost and looked nervy. I''m not a huge fan of the formation personally, but it can work really well and still be attacking and effective if well executed (I just think it''s rarely executed that well). The point is that we won''t be able to judge how effective it is until it''s been played against Premiership opposition.
  3. Wiz is alright. He can be a miserable old b-gger but his opinions are always his own, although he reserves the right to do enormous u turns quite regularly when the meds kick in! I have no issues with people like Wiz with genuine opinions even if I don''t agree. The problem posters are the ones who are unbelievably negative but who only comment on certain areas, such as Delia, but never comment on players, tactics etc. There are one or two who do this and are undoubtedly moonlighting binners trying to stir things up and can''t comment on actual football because they never see us play. That''s not Wiz though and he puts his two''penneth in on any subject and obviously has NCFC as a large part of his life. We have to remember, we''ll all be going old and batty at some point ;-)
  4. I do believe in the players we have but equally I think we need to add to the striking options to keep it fresh. After all, Wilbraham got a lot of minutes at the end of last season and if nothing else we need an extra body to replace him. I''d like to see a dynamic powerful and fast striker to add to our options. No idea who and it may have to be a punt on an overseas player. A young Tony Yeboah! With the way Hughton is setting up the team preseason however, it''s looking like we will start with only one striker which may mean Hughton is of the opinion that we already have more than enough striking options.
  5. Every time the schools are on holiday this board turns into an episode of The Inbetweeners.
  6. [quote user="The Ambassador"]DO WE NEED ANOTHER MIDFIELDER??? We have Butterfield, Johnson and Fox who could all go into the DFM position. Calm down![/quote] Obviously, I think we do which is the point of the post in the first place. Butterfield isn''t defensive, and as I stated Fox plays deep but isn''t defensive. And I''m perfectly calm which is why I don''t need to make my point with capital letters.
  7. That''s probably Danny Butterfield the former Palace right back. Jacob is an attacking midfielder.
  8. My first City hero was Peter Mendham for his wholehearted approach and obvious love for the club. Since then Jon Newsome and Darren Huckerby.
  9. I wouldn''t take him personally because a) he''d be a pain in the dressing room, and b) his biggest asset is his pace which will start to deteriorate soon at his age. Don''t get me wrong, I have a lot of time for him and his affection for the club, and if we were to bring him back I''d cheer as loud as anyone for him, but given the option, I''d say no.
  10. With Crofts going that leaves Johnson as the only midfielder we have that can play a truly defensive role and I''d be surprised if we didn''t add another player there soon. Fox and Howson can both play in a deep lying role, but as playmakers a la Xavi rather than to break up the oppositions play. Hughton would be exceptionally brave to go into the season without another player of this ilk. Even Spain need Busquets! Ideally I''d like N''Zonzi, but he may well be too expensive.
  11. [quote user="scrappy33"]My mate told me he see''s Holt in the chinky up thorpe end quite a lot. Maybe he likes the odd chicken ball now and again.[/quote] There''s a lovely phrase making an unexpected return...
  12. Jay from The Inbetweeners is obviously a Norwich fan and posting under the name of Bly....
  13. Heard this from a friend of a cousins acquaintance and mention it not as a transfer rumour because I give it little credence but more for comedy value. The rumour was that we were monitoring the situation of Jermaine Beckford at Leicester as he is currently unsettled. Can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth on WACCOE if this came to pass? Message board closed due to collective coronary perhaps?!!!
  14. I''ve managed to get the week off work and was wondering if anyone knew what the situation was regarding watching training at Colney these days? I was thinking of going down Thursday or Friday morning if possible but haven''t been before so don''t know if a) it''s allowed these days and b) where you can park, as I don''t know the area around there at all. Can anyone offer some advice please?
  15. Vaughan has done all he can to put himself in contention so far this preseason, and if Chris Hughton didn''t see him playing a part for us I doubt he''d have given him the minutes he has when he could have played another striker he was planning on keeping instead.
  16. I''d go with: Ruddy Martin, R Bennett, Turner, Tierney Fox, Howson Snodgrass, Hoolahan, Surman Holt Subs: Steer, Ayala, Whittaker, Pilkington, E Bennett, Vaughan, Jackson. Hard luck on Morison, C Martin, Johnson, Ward and Barnett not to make the bench but shows the quality in the squad.
  17. It would surprise me if we did bring another keeper in simply because neither Rudd or Steer counts against the squad limit of 25 whereas Jones or another keeper would, and we''re already top heavy on numbers.
  18. Call me old Mr Suspicious if you will but isn''t it unsurprising that just a week or so after causing an outcry over a rise in pie prices we bring in a warm cuddly man for all seasons to the board? Not that I''m bothered, I like Stephen Fry and he can''t hurt us because he admits his place on the board is as much symbolic as anything. But if some people are looking for a cynical conspiracy the timing of the two events is a better angle than "Little old Norwich" surely?
  19. Russell Martin was one of our best players last night. His biggest problem seems to be that he''s not a "sexy" full back and there''s nothing outstanding about his game, so he''s an easy target for anyone looking for a scapegoat. He is competent in every area though and like Drury he produces a 7/10 every game. Typical knee-jerk responses because we lost from the usual suspects. Anybody ever heard of patience? I''m not a huge fan of Nelson and he wasn''t good last night but the biggest problem wasn''t any individual player, just that the keeper, centre halves and midfield anchor have no understanding as yet and that will only come with time. Or we could all scream and shout at Delia to get her chequebook out and replace the lot because obviously after one defeat they''re all individually the worst players we''ve ever had.
  20. I''d keep the same team. The biggest prob is the heart of the defence (Ruddy, Ward, Nelson, Fox) not being used to each others play. The more they play the easier it''ll be. Also would like to add that I thought Russell Martin was quality last night and worked his backside off to give us an attacking option on the right.
  21. If you don''t have McNamee on the bench then all the opposition need do is pack the midfield and they stifle the game to a potential 0-0. You have to at least have the option of width as a Plan B.
  22. Holt but I''d always look to find a place for Mr 100% Korey Smith as well.
  23. I like the look of Boro, QPR and Reading although I don''t think we need to be in awe of anyone. There''s a lot of teams that are on the start of a downward cycle in my opinion such as Cardiff, Portsmouth, Hull etc. And I don''t think Laws will be a success at Burnley either.
  24. Gutted for him. When we signed him I was delighted. Always thought he was a real threat at Preston and he never got a decent chance to prove himself here. Lambert knows his stuff though and if successive other managers have chosen not to pick him up there has to be very good reason. Maybe a one trick pony that got found out?
  25. This would be exceptionally good news. There is a rumour about Dele Adebola doing the rounds which is the other position I think we need to look at but it''s been on Dodgy Rumours so I assume it''s rubbish! RB, RW and Target Man and we have it all covered IMO.
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