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  1. That was my point really. It was a poor window in that we didn’t really improve on the championship quality of our starting XI
  2. That is a fair assessment which, of course, brings us full circle to the real cause of our inability to compete In this division. Our current level of investment under this ownership
  3. Anyone who thinks a wide right player arriving to replace a wide right player leaving isn’t a replacement needs their bumps feeling… a replacement doesn’t mean you opted for same type of wide right player. But it is the replacement none the less. Who else was it?
  4. Williams is a decent player - but with hindsight I wish we had used the Sargent money plus loan option to get a premium quality striker for the season. Lack of goals is what worries me most
  5. One quote and you can’t let it go. You have a problem - try and change the record. For the umpteenth time the signing of Kabak and Normann made me much happier at the time. Hence the quote. But my overall message as any fair minded person will remember was that letting emi go and the loss of Skipp was catastrophic and that we weren’t looking any better than the year before.
  6. Saying someone is signed as a replacement is different to saying they are identical players. Clearly he was signed as a Buendia replacement - that was the gap left by his departure
  7. Newcastle was, for me, a game which summed up how had the transfer window was. Kabak looked decent on paper but is currently not an upgrade on Hanley or Gibson. Normann the exception to the rule. A great signing. We need him back. Upgrade on ageing Tettey Sargent seems a total waste of money. He’s young and might develop but nowhere near ready for premiership football. Not an upgrade on hugill - who wasn’t good enough! Same with Tzolis who looks raw and in need of a loan- I think Onel would have given us more. Gilmour is beloved of the media but looks lightweight and ineffective a lot of times. I think leitner was as good had we not alienated him Rashica is starting to show quality - but had big boots to fill in Emi. A good player but not an upgrade on what we had last year therefore. Gunn- cost a pretty penny for a reserve goalkeeper. I think fans would have been outraged if he wasn’t linked to club by his dad. Arguably not an upgrade on Nyland. PLM- decent signing but championship quality. Not an upgrade on Vrancic - similar quality but less flair. Brandon Williams- waste of a loan. We have Gianoullis who is just as good and no striker back up??! Dean Smith- I was attacked for suggesting Farke had taken us as far as he could, but the change since Smith arrived has proved it. An upgrade Bottom line- a very poor window leaving us with little to spend in January but obvious needs in the starting XI. We need another goal scoring striker and another CDM to cover Normann when injured. (As Sorenson can’t buy a game for some reason)
  8. Think that is harsh. He does a lot and is at least wanting the ball- his passing can be sublime. However, as stated, he looks physically off the pace when he doesn’t have Normann to protect him
  9. Krul: 7 (great effort on penalty but couple of flaps) Williams: 4 lost the ball a lot. Sloppy mistakes and created nothing - but a few crucial tackles Gibson: 7 solid hanley: 7 solid max: 6 he’s not on song this season but always puts a shift in rupp: 6 champ standard but worked hard gilmour: 6 sprayed a lot of passes but most backwards - looks like a boy against men at times mcclean 5 didnt see him do anything much at all. Invisible Tzolis: 5 big chance- looked pedestrian - yet to show what the rave reviews are about sargent: 4 poor with the ball at his feet. Strange player - can earn rave reviews when we need to see some effort but in truth looks well short of what is needed to score goals at this level Pukki: 8 didnt get much service. Scored a cracker subs: PLM: 7 - we improved when he came on. Idah: 7 - same as above but looks champ standard to me Gianoullis- 8: my man of the match - created openings and his assist was top drawer. A cast improvement on Williams
  10. Don’t think anyone is criticising him just pointing out he is getting no younger and needs a bit of help up front.
  11. In what sense did I disappear. You clearly cannot read as I was cheering a magnificent assist from Gianoullis - and the goal- just a few posts later
  12. Hardly- his effort has been praised at times but it is simply fair to point out that in terms of technical skill he looks way short of what is required at this level. Poor first touch and panics when in space
  13. You just know there will be some banter amongst players!
  14. League one standard. last time I felt like this watching a player was James Husband. Fast forward a year and he was at that exact level. Though he is young so might improve. can we get a refund? That cash would be handy in January for a much needed replacement
  15. Come on- a winner would be amazing and I would so enjoy watching shearer splutter
  16. I thought he was shaky - a few good tackles but gave the ball away a LOT and created zero
  17. He’s still great but definitely a yard slower. We needed to sign a second option this summer- taking pressure off his shoulders and letting him come off bench occasionally- but we spend massive amount on Sargent who, at present, does look a bit L1
  18. Too many of our teams are just not premiership standard - this includes ALL our strikers as age is now catching up with Pukki who is a shadow of the player who burst onto the scene last time we were here
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