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  1. RE the pre booked Train tickets. I have some from London to Barnsley, I take it the Train companies don''t care and won''t refund me the money?
  2. I live in the area and its probably worth walking to Highbury and Islington after the game (if it doesnt go to Pens etc). Its only about a 15 min walk and you would spend that in the queue outside the ground anyway. There is even a decent pub, The Duchess of Kent on the way to the station if you have time. Its also on the Victoria line so you can get straight to Euston from Highbury and Islington. Either way, you should make the 23.30. Enjoy the game, OTBC
  3. There is now a second purchase box on the website with V1 and V2 block "Restricted View" that wasn''t there this morning. Did they give us a bigger allocation now? Has anyone heard anything? Anyone who has to wait till tomorrow or Thursday, there still may be hope for you!
  4. Thanks for the help guys - the Fulham ticket office indicated I could upgrade it at their ticket office later if I get there early enough.OTBC
  5. Hi Guys,I''ve been given a Kids Ticket for tomorrow as a friend had one and couldn''t use it.My question is - what are the chances of Fulham allowing me to upgrade it to an Adults Ticket so my mate can come to the game with me?Are there still tickets available anyway?If anyone has had any experience of this at an away ground please let me know.ThanksOTBC
  6. Looking for a ticket for Saturday for a mate who has decided to come last minute. Thanks guys, OTBC
  7. I''ve got a ticket and I know it''s a long shot but looking for one for a mate if anyone has a spare? He lives in Norwich and can pick it up. Thanks!
  8. Ive been a few times and yes the experiences have been mostly negative but I still want a ticket!
  9. Hi Im just about to leave from manchester to go to Stoke and I was told I could get a ticket at the ground today but it turns out I can''t. Does anyone know of anyone who has traveled with a spare that I could buy off them? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, just wondering if there is anyone who knows of a spare ticket going for tomorrows match? I could meet you outside the ground as I am traveling down from Manchester. Thanks
  11. Anyone know of anywhere decent that its being shown in and around norwich? the only place i''ve seen it advertised is the POW pub and don''t really fancy that
  12. Not that I post alot, but im getting involved--- i''m Not Norwich. Good luck!
  13. "Sodje may have ignored some of League One''s vital statistics"- that''s a brilliant piece of writing...
  14. i remember when arsenal won the PL a few years back and three of their ''keepers got a medal as they all made over 10 apps, the first and only time this has happened i believe...
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