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  1. Agree 100% with you Dowp end , i think that the squad we have got is more than capable of holding there own in this league. I also belive that grant thinks this also but just cant get them to play how they should.
  2. Do you realy think that Gregory would be that good i dont. what we need is a proven manager to either replace or work alongside grant with a bit of a reputation to help attract the better loan signings that we have been missing out on to other champ clubs.
  3. DEXX ,  Could be some truth there but more than likely,speculation as he started his career there
  4. I think we are missing safri and ethtu more than any of us expected, really worried by lack of quality in middle of the park. Maybe Jimmy Smith can come in and do the business but i think that is a lot to ask of a young lad just comming back from injury.
  5. Kevin Keegan or even Bobby Robson both very experianced and have had teams in the past playing good on the deck attacking football which as a norwich fan is what we all want to see. Also as we have got limited funds loan signings will be key to getting out of this mess, So we would have a massive advantage with theese guys, not only for the contacts that they must have but also the players actually wanting to come and play for a well respected manager, instead of some former no 2 at wet sham.  
  6. For me it would be nice to get either northampton,peterborough or m k dons away. Just to make a nice change of going to a game that takes me less than half an hour to get to lol.  
  7. Otembobor is a done deal according to yesterdays News of the World.
  8. Tony warner he is quality, Very pleased.
  9. Last saturday, there was extrememly useful, link to watch the game on "Fox Soccer" channel. Anyone know if i can watch todays game on a similar site? Would of been going, but Ive had my appendix out this week and cannot drive. Cheers
  10. Im going it is my first away game of the season,last season the only away games i saw were luton and reading- hopefully it will be a big improvement from them two guttless showings.
  11. Rudolf,                                                                                                                           Im pretty sure we did wear that shirt at Fulham.
  12. I think we have got a very good chance of getting Keegan,maybe not as outright manager straight away but as director of football. Would be great for attracting some top quality players.
  13. Guardiola would be class seriously doubt he would come here though,Anyone know if there is a list available of players that are out of contract? would love to have a look at it if such thing exists.
  14. What do you think to the idea of bringing someone in to share some ideas with worthy. I think that in the last few home games that i have seen we seem to look rather 1 D and lacking in the ideas department. I think that someone like Kevin Keegan or maybe Bobby Robson could come in and do a very good job.
  15. martin o''neill i think we have no chance of getting,But what do you think to Kevin Keegan? The guy is out of work at the minute and could certainly entice some good quality players our way.
  16. Hi there alex are you a season ticket holder as well ? I have just seen on fansfc that west ham are intrestsd in bentley for £2.5m,if this is true we don''t have a chance of getting him anyway.
  17. yes! when he came back from being injured last season we played a lot better with him in the side.I think he''s got the quality to play the killer pass that we have been missing in the 3 games so far.
  18. To be honest i am really bored of hearing about this, If he wants to go let him,the sooner the better i say , get as much cash as we can for him,then we can concentrate on bringing someone in who really wants to play for ncfc.
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