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  1. Good to hear it''s not just me , I didnt know what sort of response i would get seems that every other post is gloom mongering against the board. for what its worth i also think we need to change the board but  i dont think there is any good in protesting untill we have given it a good go of getting out of the relegation zone. OTBC
  2. It is going to be my first game since Southampton on the first day of the season, I know this might seem a bit strange to some of you supporters on this forum , but i am really looking forward to going , i feel like a child on christmas eve - cant wait COME ON YOU YELLOWS
  3. Great idea did they use to do it a few years ago ? i think i have heard about this sort of competiton before.
  4. I had a run in with my local shop keeper about the price of freddos it must have been when they were changing the price from 10p to 15p because it clearly said on the wrapper 10p but he wanted 15p, it took a bit of time but i managed to get them for 10p each, power to the people.
  5. I had to cancel my season ticket as i was made redundant, only did it as a precaution as i did not know if i could afford it, the woman in the ticket office was really good and understanding and i have had no problems. I am really looking forward to saturday as it will be my first game since the southampton game on the first day of the season , can,t wait i am counting down the days COME ON YOU YELLOWS.
  6. Dont see the point really we need a good midielder more than anything
  7. 24 points up for grabs there, i predict we will pick up at least 15 but fear we will need more
  8. Grahem Kavenor ( spelling ) was on loan to sheff wed but i think sunderland got him back, seem to remember him doing well, it does''nt actually say that theese other two players are strikers.
  9. Sure would very good player, wait now for all the fulham remarks !!
  10. I think if we can play like that consistantly we will be handing out some right thrashings, exciting times ahead maybee?
  11. I just knew he was a better player than what we were seeing, I just hope he can keep it up cos when he was signed my first thoughts were bloody hell we have done well getting that lad here, even though his options were some what limited as he wanted to play for a club that was''nt to far away from his Cambridge home.
  12. RUDOLPH HUCKER wrote the following post at 04/11/2007 10:00 PM: Knob Styles!   So simple and childish made me laugh
  13. For a bit it seemed as if every time i had a Jumbo Cheesedog whilst watching the players turn up we seemed to lose so i stopped having them and results improved, looking at it now it seems silly, but at the time seemed perfectly normal.
  14. Yer definatly going thats how i heard it to vern
  15. I would love it love it to see Kevin Keegan 
  16. At the end of the day he is just a guy that wanted to have a go at being the number 1, and now i thnik he realise he''s bitten off more than he can chew,waiting to be sacked so he gets his pay off rather than walking away with nothing,which any of us would do.
  17. At this moment in time i can only see one result for us at QPR on Monday live on sky,that is a defeat to the side bottom of the league. Would it not make sense to act sooner rather than later and put Grant out of his missery.
  18. Don''t know but in the last few seasons we seem to score more towards the river end.
  19. Im starting to feel a bit excited about all this, if it happens it would be great we would be able to compete with the big boys in the prem. The only thing i would ask for is not a bunch of foriegn players, one or two would be ok but the vast majority i would like to see brittish, then again how many brittish players do the top four have ? Not that many so if we were able to spend and compete with best we would probably have to go with majority foriegners, how would everybody else feel about this ?
  20. It would be really funny if it was only the one or two ,blokes on the mic on the pitch singing otbc,whilst everybody else just watched in silence,
  21. This peter cullum guy looks as if he could be usefull even more so if his company floates on the stock exchange,could put us up there with the big boys.
  22. I think it would make a big financial difference if fans stay away,even if they are season ticket holders,the club would still be missing out on a good £7 - £8 per head on refreshments before the game and at half time , probably even more if people go as familys, so a decent no show would effect the clubs pockets.
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