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  1. [quote user="Brendo "][quote user="Adam NCFC"]What has been the worst part of this season for you? - Some awful grounds? - Poor football? - Defensive teams? - Officials? For me it''s been the officials, it seems handballs don''t exist when we play... I''m glad we''re out of it [:D] [/quote] Don''t mind the grounds or standard of football, we deserved to be here. Defensive teams can do as they please, yes annoying, but we did it against Charlton, so that''s not too bad for me. The state of pitches and standard of officials are the two main annoyances for me. [:@] However, the worst part of League 1 (and hopefully for many seasons more) is Leeds United. [/quote] woof woof- brendo I''m a dirty mongrol dog, can i sniff your crotch? its what most dogs do... i am a dog
  2. [quote user="Herman "] [quote user="Pablo Picarsole"]The funniest thing of all is that a lot of Middle Englanders (or should that be neo Nazis) believe the Wail is a quality newspaper.[/quote] You should try the Express.Now there''s casual racism! I buy it (i know i shouldn''t) occasionally for a laugh,especially for headlines like ''Immigrants Steal Mans House'' and other doozies. [/quote] There was one I liked a couple of weeks ago: ''Now they get to rest in luxury before invading our country'' about immigrants being allowed to stay in hostels etc. in calais
  3. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"]haha thread of the year! defo a bloke Morty and he wants a piece of your ass[/quote] I don''t get on that particular bus, but if its Grant Holt posting under an alias he should PM me. [:P] [/quote] How about I have a ride on your bus- you could be the conductor and punish me for not having a ticket! how exciting! I''d really enjoy watching clean those bus seats- naked.... mmm org**mic
  4. some people have mentioned him in this post too: http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/2063379/ShowPost.aspx sounds alrite
  5. [quote user="morty"][quote user="barneycanary"] [quote user="morty"][quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"]Haha Morty''s got a boyfriend, Morty''s got a boyfriend![/quote] It could be a chick lol. [:P] [/quote] OH! you naughty boy- don''t be so cheeky!fancy a lick of my cream eclair? [/quote] No thanks. [:)] [/quote] MMM playing hard to get ay? I know you want it! If you take the m out of your name and swap the t with a g- that''s what I want!!!
  6. [quote user="Brendo "]|BA - "Houston." As much as I hate to sound like a hipocrit, this guy get''s my vote. [Y] [/quote] OH! Brrendo you can beat me on fifa... beat me hard...
  7. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"]Haha Morty''s got a boyfriend, Morty''s got a boyfriend![/quote] It could be a chick lol. [:P] [/quote] OH! you naughty boy- don''t be so cheeky!fancy a lick of my cream eclair?
  8. [quote user="Harry"][IMG]http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd347/barclayendchoir/grooming-parlour-logo.gif[/IMG][/quote] I''ll groom your parlour!!! OH MOTHER!!
  9. [quote user="lappinitup"]I think you should have put this on the "totally pathetic" thread![/quote] I say! scrap morty who''s that sex beast in your pic?I''d have some of that! oh and just to clear somehing up- what exactly are you lappin up? steaming creamy chocolate?
  10. [quote user="morty"][quote user="lappinitup"] You''ve pulled Morty!  [:S] [/quote] Looks like it lol. [:|] [/quote] Oh morty! stop teasing me and pull down your pants!
  11. [quote user="morty"]Lol, what the hell? [:D] [/quote] We both know what you want morty.. you naughy naughty man [;)] Have you tried on the new kit yet? I was trying to decide whic pieces of kit to buy but needed someone to help me put on the shorts- i bet you could help me no morty ai?? hehe xxx
  12. [quote user="CCEK"]He was on the pitch? To be honest were any Bristol players on the pitch?[/quote] OH they had his stunner on the right wing- reece I thinkhis name was- I kept getting quick views of his arse which was nice! Would have liked him to have taken his hsirt off- but then again I''d like to enter a chocolate filled hot-tub-with morty- naked; but sometimes dreams just don''t happen [:''(]
  13. [;)][quote user="morty"][quote user="barneycanary"] [quote user="morty"][quote user="barneycanary"][quote user="morty"]Its really not that simple. [/quote] oh I say! fancy a littletickle and slap! I wouldn''t go into administration- you''d never know what naughty deeds you might be forced to perform!!! [;)][/quote] Eh? [:|] [/quote] oh morty let''s not beat around the bush! (unless you want to ofcourse [;)]) administration could leed to horrible things happening... actually do you think the administrators would raise money by making lambert do a strip show? If they would then I''m in, I find Scots so teasing!! MMM [/quote] Lol, errrrrr, ok. [Y] [/quote] I know where I want that thumb up morty!!! You really do spoil me! [;)]
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