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  1. No it''s not a blunder, it''s complete disrespect for the fans who turned up last night ( me being one of them). If this is the only chance second string players are going to get then that''s it they''ve had it. Ridiculous to make 11 changes and have nothing on the bench. By all means make changes but don''t take the piss like that. The only saving grace was Howsons'' performance., but he was on his own.
  2. Anyone know if tickets will be available on the gate?
  3. If Wigan do go down, I think Maloney would be a good fit for us.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else think that their goal was down to Surman not making any effort to tackle. He just did not go for it at all.
  5. I can reccommend The Vine, just off M5 J1. Very away fan friendly (Baggies fans are OK anyway) and great food (indoor BBQ).www.thevine.co.uk
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