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  1. [quote user="CanaryJames"]Lappin was sensational. Awesome tackling, awesome drive, awesome set-pieces, awesome everything.

    As for Russell, didn''t notice he was playing until he started getting stick. Did very little, gave the ball away, fell over a few times, and had a couple of woeful shots - a good performance by his standards in my opinion.

    Loved watching player after player go crunching into him during the 2nd half. Put him right in his place!

    Crofts is 10 times the player Russell is.[/quote]Exactly what I said after yesterday. Watching Crofts, compared to Russell, the difference was huge. Crofts was chasing everything, winning headers, good passing, creating, defending... Everything. I had never heard of Crofts before we signed him, but so glad Lambert had!

  2. [quote user="Standard"]The tackle he did in the first half that saw him require treatment was exactly what we need! Best game I''ve ever seen him have 10/10[/quote]Couldn''t agree more. Quality tackle.I think today he was massive for us. He won the ball in the air, his crossing was fantastic. Look forward to the highlights later (if we manage to get more than the goal....) to see all those scrambless off the corners. I think nearly every corner, if not all, we had a Norwich head on it.Lappin was quality today.

  3. [quote user="Superflash"]It''s time like this when I loathe and detest this message board.It''s ONE GAME. We lost to the better side on the night. Get over it and stop blaming Lambert every time we don''t win a match. It''s absolutely pathetic, because for the next win you''ll just be singing his praises again. I honestly thought we were more intelligent fans than this, at least most of us. Don''t make such idiotic comments after each game in the heat of the moment. Sorry folks, I just found it absolutely rubbish. The same thing happened after the Watford game. We need to remember where we were just over twelve months ago and what he''s done in that time. Show the man some respect, you wretched cretin. [/quote]You quite clearly weren''t their then. They were the better team for about 25 minutes. Their football was excellent, and they tore us apart. Then we smashed them. They just hoofed it, and stuck everyone in defence. 2nd goal was against the run of play massively, and the 3rd was just pathetic. Barnett and Ward I think it was, sort of ran into eachother, they get a free kick and a massive deflection. We were the better team, but as it seems all season, we can do the build up, but can''t score.I''m not moaning, we''ve had a great start to the season. If you''re moaning about the clear 4-5-1 then yeah, it was wrong. When we changed to 4-4-2 we were by far the better team.Lambert is king. He tried something new to match a good passing side and it didn''t work. He saw it didn''t and changed it.We did not lose to the better team though.

  4. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="leedscanary"]

    [quote user="Standard"]Norwich fan from Yorkshire (complete with accent) right here[/quote]

    Another one here, and I''m off down the A1 tonight [:)]


    Another 5 here

    Are our seats in a circle[:^)]


    [/quote]Get ya scalfes out on the A1! Nothing better then seeing plenty of yellow and green along the way! A1 will be full of them... Hopefully [:)]

  5. We''ve had a ''triffic'' start. But, in my opinion we haven''t really played anyone that''s going to challenge yet, with maybe the exception of Forest. I think once we start playing the better teams, we''ll see our chances. No doubt a class start that we''re all delighted with though. When I say nobody that''s going to challenge, that includes Swansea. I don''t rate Brendan Rogers at all.

  6. Best - Barnsley! Except for an awful 0-0 draw there a couple of years back, we usually smash them.... (sorry if I ruin our chances this weekend... [:O])Worst - Sheffield United... Went there when we lost 1-0, thought it wasn''t a particularly nice ground, hell of a walk from train station, no real area to stand around the ground due to roads and traffic... Poorly organised.

  7. I got sent another one the other day.... When Surman goes running down the wing, Surman, SurmanWhen Surman goes running down the wing, Surman, SurmanWhen Surman goes running down the wing, you know you''ll hear the Norwich singBecause we all know that Surman''s gonna scoreeeeeee,la la la la la la la laaaaa (etc)Think you can guess the tune......I like both songs, just to add.... [:)]

  8. We are going to lose against Doncaster, just to let you know...My mate has been to watch Norwich 4 times, all away.... We''ve lost every time! [:(] But, I have another mate who has been 7 times to watch us, twice at Carrow road, 5 away, and we''ve only lost once, that was against Man City in carling cup... And he''s coming to Preston! Donny - LossPreston - Win..[:O]
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