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  1. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="Adam NCFC"][quote user="Smudger"]Well Crappin was the answer and boy didn''t we pay the price for it?Anybody who clearly didn''t see that coming I despair for! [:|][/quote]Do you ever go to away games Smudger? [:)] He was class at Preston, so deserved his start today.[/quote]Yes I was at Preston mate and disagreed with the two guys that I went with who thought Lappin had a good game there (but they didn''t threaten to beat me up or throw me out of the car along the M6 on the way home).  I thought he done ok last week, but that some of the praise was a bit hysterical about him, just because he won one 50/50 tackle (or at least half won it) after Drury had done extremely well to win the ball cleanly just prior to that with the last ditch challenge in our area.  Apart from that he won about 3 headers and put in a few ok crosses in to the box.  7 out of 10 for me, nothing to rave about!Ward was laying the law down to both Drury and Lappin for large periods of the game last week for sitting too deep and not being tight enough on their men.The last game Lappin played extremely well for me was Charlton away last season.Sorry but for me he just isn''t good enough for a week in week out start in this league and we need to bring somebody in on loan until we get Surman back at least.  I think our midfield has sat far too deep for the majority of matches this season and it is only due to us having a bit of creativity and potency upfornt that has seen us have an ok start.  For me we are balancing on the wire of our good start falling away.[/quote]You''re entitled to your opinion. We''ll agree to disagree on Lappin then!You saying that you would rather have McNamee starting then? I was at Doncaster aswell as Preston, and noticed a huge difference between the 2. Would you have been annoyed with Lapps today if we had won? Personally I think we''re alot better off starting with Lappin, getting a foot hold in the game, then Macca to bring on to either kill it off, or nick the goal. Today we didn''t win, but you can''t fault the performance mate. Lappin gives us an extra tackle, cross, header, strength. Today we were against a team with quality players, Bullard and Koren in midfield? Think we would all love that. You can''t bring Lappin on in a game where we need a goal, as he isn''t going to make that impact, but you can start with him, get going in the game and then hit a team late on.When Surman is back, he''s the man to come in, but until then, Lapps needs to start.

  2. Most of you lot that put Wes down have no idea. Someone put it perfectly on another thread...The reason he doesn''t look as good at home, is because teams just sit behind the ball at Carrow Road. Away from home, they go for it as they want to win infront of their own fans. If you slate Hoolahan, clearly you don''t go to away games. It''s always going to be harder at home against a 10 man defence...

  3. [quote user="Barclay hero"]

    [quote user="Adam NCFC"]I go to the majority of away games, and this happens everywhere we go. It''s a long way to any away ground from Norwich, why do people get kicked out when they''ve made such an effort to get up there?[/quote]

    Travelling a long way doesnt give you the right to act like a tw@t.  If it was a Leeds fan then everyone would be on here slagging them off and demanding they were kicked out.  Personally if the guy was making death threats then I hope he ends up with a banning order

    [/quote]That''s the point I was making.... It was a question to the people that do get kicked out, hence the question mark...
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