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  1. [quote user="Davo"]Adam NCFC I choose to watch the match on sky so that I can afford to go to both the Coventry away game and the Sheff Utd home game.

    If I went to the Reading game this weekend I would of had have missed the Sheff Utd game and I would actually prefer to have spend more time travelling to see a home game than take the cheaper option to watch an away game.

    I''m glad you can afford both however so close to Christmas I can''t so I made my choice and I''m happy with it. Unless of course you want to pay for me to attend the Reading game? Thought not.

    Davo[/quote]You need to remove that chip.

  2. When will we ever fuck!ing learn? How many corners do we look sh!t off! What a waste.Yeah 1-1 sounds good, before the game, but what a waste... We always look awful off crosses and corners. SORT IT.

    Apart from that it''s hard to find anything to moan about. [:)]

  3. [quote user="anothatracksuitmanager"]just a suggestion guys I rate barnett highly as a defender but the options are slim in midfield.  I respect people who think say we don''t want to lose him in defence and argue your point, but some people are little arrogant in their opinions.  Some psoters just writing oh dear oh dear, and oh my god.  It was a valid footballing suggestion that frankly none of us have clue whether it would work or not.It wasn''t like I suggested we put declan rudd in midfield or something, sometimes it is a waste space of posting on here you offer ideas and you get treated like an idiot.     [/quote]That''s because you''re being an idiot... Play our best (without question) CB in a crofts role? I doubt he''s the best passer, and he''s a fantastic CB! You are mental... What an awful post.Fox has been impressive I think, and should play the fox role. He can pass and he is energetic. This is like playing Holt CB, because he is big? Please think about posting before you have a cry because people are giving you criticism for awful posts....

  4. [quote user="Dan Druff"]Couldn''t get one in the Barclay lower and so I decided to watch the match on telly instead. I don''t like sitting in other parts of the ground now as I''m not prepared to "mind my Ps and Qs" at a football match. It''s Barclay (lower) or snakepit, or nothing.[/quote]You''re an idiot then to be honest... I''m in the Barclay and yes, I agree it''s the best atmosphere... But a chance to be at the game to watch us beat the scum, and you turn it down? I''m not questioning your loyalty to the club, or how much of a supporter you are, but I doubt many Norwich fans would turn down a ticket, no matter where they sat. People would pay good money to sit on the roof if it came to it!

  5. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]I still don''t get the obsession with all things Leeds related. There are much bigger teams to excite you with their visit than some bunch of has beens, never will be''s and perrenial under-achievers from a blight on the otherwise attractive county of Yorkshire.[/quote]It''s not because of just the promotion battle... Leeds are scum, and everyone enjoys beating them. They cause shiit everywhere they go, and atempt to always make it kick off, as they are stuck in the 70''s... Yes not all Leeds fans are the same, but a number of away fans are scum. However, Leeds seems minute compared to the proper scum coming down the following weekend!

  6. [quote user="Lambert is King"]What is it with you and your dislike of your own fans. I suggested on your thread where you had a go last week that without these fans there would be no club for you to watch. Maybe you are the Norwich version of Roy Keane, he constantly slates his own fans. [/quote]He has fans? [:O]

  7. [quote user="Crofts Number 1 Fan"]

    He''s scored two out of his last three and I think that is the first one he has missed for Norwich?

    He missed one against Colchester.

    [/quote]I remember seeing him miss 1 at southampton last season aswell, but we scored the rebound [:P]Just because he''s missed one, doesn''t mean we have to change him. He''s a good penalty taker. However, poor of him not to hit the target, you would expect that at the very least.
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