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  1. The fact that you''re asking someone on a messageboard that you don''t even know to back you up, proves how boring you are.It doesn''t affect me, but you don''t even go to games! You tell us all what we need and how good/bad players are, but you have no idea. You''re probably one of these bellends on canary call saying we''re going up every time we win, and going down every time we lose!

  2. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I think the fans going in morphs are showing their dedication to the team, and should get respect from at least our own fans, and i would imagine most decent football fans would recognize they are just supporting their team....[/quote]So because they drive all over the country, and wear a yellow outfit that makes them stand out, that makes them show more dedication then every other city fan that goes everywhere, but dresses and acts normally??You do post some utter sh!t.

  3. I don''t care who or how many or what points or anything about other teams...I care about the scum losing and getting humiliated. They are getting humiliated and I love it. I will cheer every goal they concede as they are a small useless piece of dirt that I hope rot and fall all the way down the leagues whilst we are a club run properly, and we laugh at them until they are nothing.KEANOOOOOOOO, THERE''S ONLY 1 KEANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. [quote user="Twitchy"]Cheers for that EC, really hope it goes ahead mate I hate Saturdays without us playing......unless it''s Sunday and you beat the scum 4-1 of course.[/quote]Couldn''t agree more! [y] I''ve not even had my tickets for saturday delivered yet, not had post since Monday morning.. Guessing alot of people will be in the same position, so Norwich best get the re-prints done to take up there!

  5. looks like my pot got deleted... But I basically said the same as above, just maybe in a different way..1 person says 1 thing and everyone thinks they should jump in and get involved to think they''re really funny, you''re all pathetic.The guy is trying to give us something to discuss and talk about.I can''t think of a question, but hope the interview goes well for you. [y]

  6. Because we have belief in the ability of our team? Why would you go into our biggest game of the season not feeling confident? No point thinking, oh we''re not playing well so probably won''t win (even though we are playing well, just maybe not getting the wins we deserve). Be confident and excited, and know we can win.Don''t take the Grandad view on things.

  7. Maybe I was abit harsh tbf... Think I was still in a mood at Michael Oliver.. Most people on here are proper nobs lol, you get used to that. Everyone likes their own opinion.You should just double check what you say first, but enjoy posting whatever you would like!

  8. Yeah you''re right, it''s pretty poor form.. Still amazing how we''re 8th though in my opinion. We''ve had an awful month but we all saw it coming. If we can win the next 2 then there is no doubt we''ll be in play offs after Ipswich game.It''s the closest league in the world I think.some of what you say is good to read, it''s not pointless craap that most people write, but please check things first or you look silly [:P]

  9. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I don''t do all that much typing, i have been between 7000-7500 posts for at least a couple of months now.... And its my opinion, am i not allowed that?

    I am at University, so haven''t been to many games, i make that perfectly clear.. (i went to first 4/5 home games, Boro game, watched this one on TV, and going to the ipswich game in two weeks...)

    Its not total bollocks, i have never seen Russell Martin act like everyone else says he does, maybe he does now, but i certainly have never noticed that...Ruddy isn''t 100% solid, so that was valid.

    And the first 5-10 games, when Holt was very ineffective/unfit, we did alright then? certainly no worse than now....

    And i think that Martin/Jackson upfront can work...yes an inform Holt is probably out best player, and i don''t think we should drop him, but it would be interesting to see another up front partnership...

    I''m getting quite fed up having to defend myself on here, were all Norwich fans, with individual opinions, if i think Martin (a player i really really like) isn''t captain material, thats up to me, if i think Ruddy (despite his wonderful performance yesterday) doesn''t inspire full confidence in him, thats my opinion, yes you can disagree, but so much of what i''m getting is telling me i''m plain wrong, half the time without an explanation and just an insult....its really not worth it[/quote]I didn''t question your opinion in the slightest, like I said i admired your positive attitude.. I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee.. I didn''t need a life story.

  10. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I''m all up for this game, and think we will do well...

    But just because they aren''t in good form....are we in much better form? we don''t seem to be able to win (and the last game we did win, was a 4-3, which we may have been the better team, i wasn''t there for that one, but still 4-3 isn''t a comfortable score line...), i just think we need to take a slightly more cautious approach to this game (after beating Leeds 5-0 that is :P)[/quote]I really am finding it hard to read and take notice of anything you put with such stupid comments...Bristol City 3-0 and Middlesbrough 1-0 didn''t happen then?!

  11. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Why do we need a big man?

    Plenty of teams do well without one....[/quote]No offence, but you seem to do alot of typing and telling us all what should happen, and most of it is total b0llocks.. You never seem to be at the game, but you know everything that happens?I admire your positive attitude if Holt is banned, but in truth, without Holt (or suitable backup) we are f*cked against leeds and scummers, and everybody knows it.

  12. The first half performance was stupidly good. Ruined by that one bellend. I''m lost, totally lost as to how it was a red.. Watched it time after time and can''t justify it. Lappin given away the penalty looked stone wall, but on a 2nd glance... [8-)] He shouldn''t of jumped in though.
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